Review by: Michael Stern

“Mild, medium, or hot?” you will be asked when you place an order at this roadside BBQ parlor. Even the mild stuff packs a pleasant punch; medium is very spicy; hot is diabolical. It was quite a sight to watch local boys in overalls come to Craig’s for “extra hots” at lunch time, and quickly ingest two or three big sandwiches non-stop before hopping in their trucks and driving back to work. Not a one of the big fellers combusted from the heat.

The pork is irresistibly tasty even before red-orange, peppery sauce is applied. The way most people seem to like it served at Craig’s is in a bun as a sandwich, wrapped in wax paper and stuck together with a toothpick. Stuffed into the bun atop the pork is cool cole slaw, providing sensational counterpoint. On the side, there are Ozark-style beans — silky and sweet, cosseted in amber emulsion.

Much of Craig’s business is take-out, although a scattering of tables across the floor inside provides space for eating in.

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BBQ Sandwich

BBQ Pork Sandwich

Polish Sausage

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Brandi Belinge

August 18th, 2012

I was about five years old when I tried my first Craig’s BBQ pork sandwich. My dad is from Jacksonville, AR and was in the Army. We visited his hometown at least once a year and we always stopped on our return home to get a bag full of sandwiches. I am now 38 years old and, although I don’t do as much traveling, my dad drives to Jacksonville once every three months or so from Florida, and I always ask him to bring me bottles of Craig’s delicious BBQ sauce so I can make my BBQ pork sandwiches at home. To this day and for always, Craig’s BBQ in DeValls Bluff, AR is my all time favorite BBQ joint in the world.

I recommend Craig’s to everyone who loves BBQ and travels through or within 100 miles of the place.


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