Feltner’s Whatta-burger

Review by: Michael Stern

There are WhataBurgers (one T) throughout the South and Southwest, and many are good, but we’ve never found one that can hold a candle to Feltner’s Whatta-Burger (two T’s), which is unique.

The menu boasts that the burgers are “custom made,” which they are, and they are beauteous. A single is a quarter pound, served on a broad bun. Few people order one without also getting an order of crisp french fries on the side. Indeed, many people don’t merely order a single burger. They get a double or, better yet, a double-double (double meat AND double cheese). Milk shakes are available in flavors that include chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, orange, cherry, banana, and butterscotch; a large one is at least a quart, and it is so thick that you will need a spoon in addition to a straw to consume it.

Aside from the excellent food, what’s noteworthy about this town burger joint is the service. Although you wait in line just like at any franchise, you are treated with kindness by an exuberant staff of local kids who give the impression that they treasure the role they play in creating hamburger excellence.

What To Eat

Milk Shake

Fried Pie

Single Burger


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