BBQ Ribs

Ribs are among the most beloved of barbecued meats, and the most diverse. They can be wet (slathered with sauce), dry (packed with dry rub); they can be pork or beef (the latter huge, caveman-style) or even mutton; they might be slow-cooked in a classic barbecue pit or more quickly done over charcoal. They are impossible to eat with knife and fork, so even the neatest baby backs tend to be a finger-licking mess. How ribs are presented varies, either in on a tray or at one end of a large plate with room for side dishes. The old-style Chicago way is to serve them in large cardboard boats, ribs at the bottom. On top of the ribs come a mess of French fries, which by the time you open up the package have virtually meshed with the sauce to become a kind of starchy, greasy glaze. Atop the fries is a sheet of wax paper, and on top of that, clean, spongy white bread. You would not want this bread for any other meal; but as a salve between bouts with ribs that are glazed with four-alarm spicy-hot sauce (a Chicago specialty), bland bread is the right stuff.

Restaurants With This Dish

Chef Eddie’s


Helena’s Hawaiian Food


Sweet P’s Downtown Dive


Fat Racks BBQ


Peak Bros. Bar-B-Que


Helen’s BBQ



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One Response to “BBQ Ribs”

Jacquie Clark

February 26th, 2022

I adore big beef ribs. I enjoyed them when I lived in L.A. Then I moved to Chesapeak, VA, and I have not found a single restaurant that has then. Only baby back ribs. I don’t eat pork, so I am really at a loss-5 years without beef ribs! If you hear of a restaurant within a radius of 50 mi. Please let me know. Love the show, Misha!


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