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Chicago has more distinctive local specialties than any other city. Some are unique, such as Italian beef, breaded steak sandwiches, chicken vesuvio, and shrimp de jonghe. Others were invented here or taken to unequalled extremes, like deep dish pizza, hot dogs dragged through the garden, Chicago mix caramel corn, and, arguably, the corned beef sandwich. Hyperbole aside, Chicago has a dizzying variety of eateries, plain and fancy, traditional and cutting-edge, foreign and domestic. South Side soul food, cooked in aquarium smokers, is in a class by itself. Quality, and quantity, of portions at the great steak houses defies modesty. At least two of the city’s donut shops would be among the nation’s top five. And pizza culture beyond the original deep dish is always expanding.

Chicago’s Most Famous Dishes

A modest-size pie slice is overwhelmed by how many blueberries it contains

Blueberry Pie

Peach slices peek out from under the rugged pastry crust of a pie slice on a china plate.

Peach Pie

A giant slice of cherry pie occupies a full plate and is topped with a half-pint of vanilla ice cream.

Cherry Pie

Coconut shreds are threaded throughout this pillowy wedge of pie

Coconut Cream Pie

Great Chicago Recipes

Chicken breast topped with peas and sided by potato logs

Chicken Vesuvio

Chicago’s Best Restaurants

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