Restaurants in Wisconsin

You know you are in “America’s Dairyland” when hamburgers and charcoal-cooked brats (bratwursts) come glistening with butter, and when cheese curds are served in every bar. Cool, smooth custard is another creamy specialty; and cream pies are superlative. Fruit pies – apple, cherry, rhubarb, berry – also are memorable, even when they are not served a la mode. Friday night is fish fry night in virtually every restaurant; and if you’re up in Door County in the summer, do avail yourself of the pyrotechnical spectacular known as a fish boil. Milwaukee is rich in ethnic foods and is one of America’s top corned beef cities; and, of course, its population of brew pubs and corner taverns is peerless.

Wisconsin’s Most Famous Dishes

Burger on a tender bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo ... car hop service

Grilled Hamburger

Mountainous sandwich holds pastrami, egg, French fries, cole slaw, and a tomato at Primanti Brothers in Pittsburg, PA


Seafood platter is loaded with fried shrimp, scallops, oysters, flounder, plus deviled crab and hushpuppies


Thick, horseshoe-shaped sausage ring is tightly cased.


Wisconsin’s Best Restaurants

Saukville Meats - Summer Sausage
Saukville Meats


Three Brothers - Roast Lamb
Three Brothers


Karl Ratzsch’s


Klinger’s East


Holy Hill Cafe




Gilles Frozen Custard


Watts Tea Shop


Jack Pandl’s Whitefish Bay Inn


Bogus Creek Cafe & Bakery




Elegant Farmer


Eggs, potatoes, and salami -- all mixed up for breakfast


Mazos - Cheeseburger


Harbor View Cafe


White Gull Inn


Kroll’s West


Iron Grate BBQ


Solly’s Grille - Butter Burger
Solly’s Grille


Chili John’s Restaurant




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A Fine Kettle of Fish

ALONG THE SLIM PENINSULA of northern Door County, Wisconsin, which juts out into Lake Michigan east of Menominee and north of Sturgeon Bay, the night sky erupts with flames...

Drive Ins

For two-lane travelers, pulling into a parking lot perfumed by hamburgers and hot onion rings is as satisfying as any four-star dining experience. At a true classic drive-in, you...

Thank Cod It's Friday

Imagine a vast triangle with points in Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Grand Forks, North Dakota. This is the fish-fry zone. In city taverns, American Legion halls, and woodland supper clubs...

Heartland Soda Fountain

If Dr. Seuss had been a restaurant reviewer, he would have liked soda fountains best, for they are where Pink Elephant punch and rootbeer Black Cows line up alongside...

Curbside, America

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Charcoal-grilled sausage is piled into a bun with pickle chips and onions.


"My dears, everything we make is charcoaled except the BLTs and the egg salad," a waitress informs us when we ask about specialties at the CHARCOAL INN, a luncheonette...

Sign advertises Friday night fish fry.

Roadfood Adventures: Milwaukee to Fish Creek, Wisconsin

Eastern Wisconsin is a joyful place to visit … It is the might of Milwaukee and its diverse heritage, the still shores of Lake Michigan, the football-crazed city of...

The front entrance of Walker Brothers Original Pancake House

Chicago to Milwaukee, Twixt 3 Corned Beef Sandwiches

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The One Must-Eat Food in Each State, and Where To Get It

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Carminuccio’s - Stern Special

The Best Pizza In America | Roadfood Bests

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Anderson’s Frozen Custard - Frozen Custard

9 Places to Go For Great Soft-Serve

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Sandwich combines a burger and a brat ... Sheboygan brats

North of Milwaukee

Sheboygan to Fish Creek The drive north from Milwaukee is a grand taste of Wisconsin. First stop: Sheboygan, renowned for its butchers' brats (rhymes with hots, short for bratwurst), cooked...

A whole apple kringle with sugar icing, on a counter ready to cut

Wisconsin Kringle | Official State Pastry | Roadfood Bests

Best Kringle in Wisconsin Only a few states have officially named a state pastry. Maine's is Whoopie Pie; Connecticut's is the snickerdoodle cookie; Texas has two: the sopaipilla and strudel....

Sour cream custard flecked with raisins is capped by a tall meringue in this diner's piece of pie

Sour Cream Raisin Pie

An awe-inspiring specialty of Midwest dairy country, sour cream raisin pie is a powerhouse that balances sweet custard and sour cream, flaky crust and silky filling, the concentrated intensity...

Thick square of strawberry cheese torte ... Sheboygan brats

Wisconsin Pie Primer

In the Dairy State, great cream pies are a given. Abundant cherry and apple trees mean outstanding fruit pies as well. In short, Wisconsin is pie paradise, home of...

The Sign at Speed Queen Bar-B-Que in Milwaukee, WI

One Day in Milwaukee: Must Eats

Wisconsin is the Dairy State, which means a worthy Milwaukee eating plan must include creamy custard (at the vintage drive-in Leon's) and a butter burger lunch (at Solly's Grille)....

Widman’s Candy Shop - Hot Air

12 Best Chocolatiers from Coast to Coast

Twelve champion chocolatiers, from the Oregon coast to downeast Maine.

Southern Kitchen - Pie

12 of the Best Pie Places in America

First, we apologize to the Stockholm Pie Company in Wisconsin, to Nick's Kitchen in Huntington, Indiana, to the Bang Bang Pie Shop in Chicago, and to Beardsley Cider Mill...

Laurel Diner - Corned Beef Hash

Heavenly Corned Beef Hash

The only possible happy exclamation incited by corned beef hash spooned from a can is "Arf!" But freshly chopped and sizzled to a crisp, crowned with poached eggs eager...

Bowl of chili with onions, cheese & chips ... chili nation

Chili Nation | Where's The Best? | Roadfood Bests

Chili is like DNA: everybody's is different. Texans claim (rightfully) that history proves theirs to be the first. Or at least they were the first to make a big...

Urban Burgers

We Americans love our hamburgers, at home and on the road. From mischievous fried sliders to majestic beef pillows oozing juice over coals, burgers are a birthright coast to...

Julian Pie Company - Apple Crumb Pie

13 of the Best Places to Get Apple Pie in America

Crumb-topped, lattice-topped, or layered with caramel and welcoming a scoop of ice cream on top, apple pie is everywhere from coast to coast. For your pleasure, a baker's dozen...

Custard at its Creamiest

Although ice cream tends to be more butterfatty, frozen custard tastes richer because it traditionally is made with egg yolks. Even when eggs are not part of the formula,...

Midwest Urban Barbecue

When barbecue migrated up the Mississippi from its homes in the Deep South and in Texas, it took on a new personality -- similar to what happened to the...

Double decker Reuben sandwich

Midwest's Best Corned Beef Sandwiches | On 4-Star Rye

When people think of good corned beef sandwiches, they tend to envision New York, or maybe Miami or Los Angeles. But in fact, the Midwest's best corned beef sandwiches,...

In a clear plastic cup, ice cream is topped with swirls of hot fudge and caramel, pecan halves, and a maraschino cherry

Heartland Turtle Sundaes

The turtle sundae is not unique to the heartland. Its sublime combination of crisp nuts, hot fudge and caramel sauce atop vanilla ice cream can be found from coast...

Milwaukee Fish Fries

The Friday night fish fry is so popular in Milwaukee that it is rare to find a restaurant that does not have one. From Benji's Deli to the Bya...

Great Wisconsin Recipes

Eggs, potatoes, and salami -- all mixed up for breakfast

Hoppel Poppel

Butter Burgers

Tender 3-layer orange-zested sponge cake, layered with custard, on fine china, boasts silky boiled frosting

Filled Sunshine Cake


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