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You know you are in “America’s Dairyland” when hamburgers and charcoal-cooked brats (bratwursts) come glistening with butter, and when cheese curds are served in every bar. Cool, smooth custard is another creamy specialty; and cream pies are superlative. Fruit pies – apple, cherry, rhubarb, berry – also are memorable, even when they are not served a la mode. Friday night is fish fry night in virtually every restaurant; and if you’re up in Door County in the summer, do avail yourself of the pyrotechnical spectacular known as a fish boil. Milwaukee is rich in ethnic foods and is one of America’s top corned beef cities; and, of course, its population of brew pubs and corner taverns is peerless.

Wisconsin’s Most Famous Dishes

Mountainous sandwich holds pastrami, egg, French fries, cole slaw, and a tomato


Burger on a tender bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo ... car hop service

Grilled Hamburger

Seafood platter is loaded with fried shrimp, scallops, oysters, flounder, plus deviled crab and hushpuppies


A huge hunk of puffy-crisp crusted fish is perched on a bed of thin truffled French fries

Fish & Chips

Wisconsin’s Best Restaurants

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Great Wisconsin Recipes

Butter Burgers

Tender 3-layer orange-zested sponge cake, layered with custard, on fine china, boasts silky boiled frosting

Filled Sunshine Cake

Eggs, potatoes, and salami -- all mixed up for breakfast

Hoppel Poppel


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