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In a city full of superb Eastern European restaurants, Polonez has earned a reputation as one of the best. We originally visited on a Friday for its wonderful fish fry, but any time you go, a long list of Old World specialties makes it a rewarding experience. From warm buns and homey chicken noodle soup at the beginning of a meal to elegant crepes at the end, Polonez delivers a rare heartland feast.

Potato pancakes are especially noteworthy. Thin as a dime and lace-edged, they pack sour-creamy wallop that makes the perch they accompany seem all the sweeter.

Good as the fish-fry is, even on Friday it would be a crime to visit this immaculate Old World eating hall and not also have some butter-glistening pierogi and the hunter’s stew known as bigos, packed with ham and sausage. And of course you want to finish things off with a digestif of plum-flavored sliwowica.

From the outside, Polonez has little charm: a blocky building with a simple sign, its only real color the flags of the U.S. and Poland flying overhead. But inside is charming and elegant. Tables are covered with soft white cloth. Decor is all about Polish culture, including two life-size mannequins outfitted in traditional garb. And the waitstaff couldn’t be more caring and kind.

Polonez is a Milwaukee must-eat!

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Mel Kozek

April 24th, 2005

I come from a Polish family that always cooked traditional food at home.

All I can say is that Polenez comes the closest to what I ate at home of any Polish restaurant I have ever been to. The food is just like what my grandmother made, and we still make. The pierogi were soft, served with sour cream and apple sauce. The biguse (hunter’s stew) was full of saurkraut, mushrooms, and sausage was simmered to perfection. I don’t usually like golobki (stuffed cabbage), but Polenez kept the tomato sauce under control. It complimented rather than overwhelmed the cabbage and meat. The fried lake perch were much larger than most and were a deep golden brown without being overcooked.

Polenez was clean (I think you could do surgery in the bathroom it is so clean) straightforward, and delicious. The only pierogi I like better are the ones my wife makes.

The price was reasonable, and the service was friendly. Since my daughter lives in Milwaukee I will be a frequent visitor to Polenez.

If you like simple Polish food you can’t beat Polenez.


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