Urban Burgers


We Americans love our hamburgers, at home and on the road. From mischievous fried sliders to majestic beef pillows oozing juice over coals, burgers are a birthright coast to coast. While some legendary ones demand off-the-beaten-path road trips, this Best of the Best list focuses on city burgers at their finest.


Squeeze Inn

Spectacular, work-of-art cheeseburgers star at the Squeeze Inn, a unique restaurant in Sacramento, California.

Must Eats

Apple Pan

A Los Angeles landmark, serving great burgers and fries since 1947. Apple Pan's pies are the best, baked daily and from-scratch excellent.



Burgers, tacos, milk shakes and French fries are all well above ordinary fast food standards at Phoenix's casual, friendly Stand.


Santa Fe Bite

Santa Fe Bite serves what many consider to be the best green chile cheeseburger in New Mexico. It might be the best hamburger of any kind, anywhere!


Lankford Grocery

Hamburgers at Lankford Grocery are some of Houston's best: gnarled, uneven circles with crunchy crust and juices that ooze. Breakfasts are excellent, too.



Surrounded by the Oklahoma stockyards, Cattlemen’s is the consummate western steak house. Steak is as good as it gets; steak soup is a surprise winner.


Wise Acre Eatery

Farm-to-table dining at its finest in Wise Acre Eatery, a casual, modern Minneapolis restaurant located in a former gas station.


Solly’s Grille

Solly's Grille serves the great butter burger of Milwaukee, literally dripping with butter. Milk shakes are Dairy State-rich. We love the fresh banana malt.



The Kingsman is a Columbia restaurant with a full menu, but burgers put it on the Roadfood map, magnificent pimento cheeseburgers in particular.