Roadfood Adventures: Milwaukee to Fish Creek, Wisconsin

6 STOPS | 208 MILES | 3 hr 49 min

Eastern Wisconsin is a joyful place to visit … It is the might of Milwaukee and its diverse heritage, the still shores of Lake Michigan, the football-crazed city of Green Bay, and the summertime wonder of the Door County peninsula. Beer, of course, is a big deal in the city that’s been home to Blatz, Pabst Schlitz, and Miller. Artisan breweries now abound, too. Milwaukee also is proud of its creamy custard and butter burgers — Wisconsin IS the Dairy State! — as well as authentic ethnic food from around the world. Heading north along Lake Michigan, we find old-fashioned candy stores, a restaurant where Green Bay Packers fans love to eat, and an amazing ritual of lake-fish cooking that lights up the night sky with explosive color.



A neon-edged fun ride for anybody who loves the profound goodness of Wisconsin custard, Leon's is a 1942 vintage Milwaukee favorite.


Three Brothers

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Three Brothers, located in a vintage corner brewery, serves classic Serbian food at its finest. A memorable heartland restaurant!


Solly’s Grille

Solly's Grille serves the great butter burger of Milwaukee, literally dripping with butter. Milk shakes are Dairy State-rich. We love the fresh banana malt.


Beerntsen’s Confectionery

Beerntsen's is a glorious little Wisconsin candy store where you can have a nice, inexpensive lunch and spoon into expertly-made sundaes.


Kroll’s West

Kroll's West is loved by fans of the Green Bay Packers (whose home field is directly across the street). Signature dish: a deliciously sloppy butter burger.


White Gull Inn

The Door County, Wisconsin fish boil -- whitefish and red potatoes followed by cherry pie -- is at its best at the White Gull Inn restaurant in Fish Creek.