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Review by: Michael Stern

Here is the great butter burger of Milwaukee, a city where burgers are a passion. It is a modest-sized patty of beef, cooked through, served on a bun quite literally bathed with butter. Not margarine, not flavored oil: pure, dairy-rich, delicious butter. You can get a Super burger (2 patties, and a good idea; to us, a single one is overwhelmed by its bun) or a Super Special, which adds lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise to the mix (also a good idea), as well as cheeseburgers and burgers topped with mushrooms, onions, and Monterrey Jack cheese. The biggest of all burgers is the Cheesehead, which is a half pound of sirloin with Swiss and American cheese, stewed onions, raw onion, and mushrooms. It is virtually impossible to eat with one’s hands, but it’s fun to try!

There are a few other kinds of sandwiches on Solly’s menu, none of which we’ve tried, also omelets and fish fries, excellent crinkle-cut French fries, and made-here pie. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we recommend you reserve it for a milk shake, which is Dairy State-rich and made in flavors that include chocolate, hot fudge, strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, and the superb fresh banana malt. Another confectionery alternative is a black cow made with Sprecher’s root beer. And, this being a city where ice cream is even more beloved than butter burgers, there is a full array of sundaes, too.

Seating is at two horseshoe-shaped counters with stools. The staff of uniformed waitresses go about their business with well-seasoned hash-house aplomb.

What To Eat

Butter burger

cheesehead burger

fresh banana malt



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Peter Gregos

August 24th, 2023

Overcooked hockey pucks hamburger patties…no choice…that is the way they cook them grey brown until all the unami is out of the meat. You will have well done say the food police at Sollys whether you like it or not.


Gerard Consuegra

November 28th, 2007

We found this delightful burger “joint” after seeing it on a TV burger show. Since then, it has become a regular stop for us when we are in Milwaukee. Truly, we travel from Florida to Milwaukee to visit our daughter and without fail make Solly’s a regular stop.

The butterburger is simply outstanding and sets the standard for excellent burgers. Since eating one two years ago, I rarely order a burger at another restaurant and when I do, I am usually disappointed. At Solly’s the flavor is rich and the meat is fresh and juicy. For my most recent trip, I selected the Super cheeseburger special made with 1/3-lb of beef, lettuce, tomato, and sautéed onions besides the Wisconsin cheese and butter toppings. I opted for mayonnaise as well as I wanted the complete treatment. In my mind, this is not the place for the diet conscious; flavor considerations are what is important. Regardless, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal. I was amazed at how well all the ingredients blended so well together. As I finished the burger, I had to use a fork to capture the morsels of bread and cheese that were left on the plate.

While my favorite is the burger, my family insists the hot fudge milkshake is even better. I prefer the standard vanilla, which is served in a traditional stainless mixing cup that held a little over two servings. The shakes are rich with a bit of ice cream froth at the top. The hot fudge milkshakes beg for a long spoon so that the remaining fudge syrup is not missed at the bottom of the mixing cup.

The menu has other items, including chili. I watched as one patron spooned fresh-chopped onions on top of his serving. As we left, I asked his thoughts; he shared a satisfied grin and said outstanding. We have not yet ventured from the burger and shake selections, but my wife pledged that next visit will be for the chili.

Desserts? We never have room. Considering the milkshakes, I am confident that the ice cream desserts are equally rich. By the way, I noticed a selection of pies on the counter next to the grill and they looked outstanding.

Take my word for it; this place is not to be missed.


Ken Ansley

November 2nd, 2005

I stumbled across this little slice of burger paradise a few months ago on vacation with my kids. I’m a huge burger fan but nothing could prepare me for these puppies.

All the toppings, and a light layer of butter…ok, not so light…more like a drenching, made my two (yes two!) burgers almost fatal. The freshest meat I’ve had on a burger in ages. The kids loved theirs too! It was more then I expected and a delight to the senses. The freshest of toppings and the choicest meats make it my #1 burger.

If you are anywhere near the state of Wisconsin, make this a must do on your list of fine dining establishments.


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