Hidden Gems + Local Hot Spots: Authentic Eats in Portland, Oregon


Do Not Miss These Donuts

  • Although classic donuts are offered at Voodoo Doughnut we recommend you don’t order them. The magic of Voodoo Doughnuts is their creations that are hard to find anywhere else. With menu items such as a cock & balls donut, a dirty snowball and a dirt donut, no concoction is off limits. Our favorite was the bacon-maple bar, a classic maple bar with two strips of bacon on top.
  • Unlike the location above, Annie’s Donut Shop does not offer any phallic shaped donuts. What they do offer is a multitude of fantastic classic donuts, including, glazed old fashioned, raspberry fritters and apple sauce donuts.

Full Meals

  • We consider the sausages from Otto’s Sausage Kitchen to be some of the best in the country. When they fire up their grill on the sidewalk, at 11:00 am every day of the week, the aroma fills the surrounding streets and is near impossible to resist.
  • Huber’s Café has been operating in downtown Portland for over a century. Originally opened as a men’s bar, the founders determined that serving a free turkey sandwich along with a beer would cause customers to order more beer and, in turn, help business. Although the turkey sandwiches are no longer free with a beer, they are still the staple on the menu. Also served is a notorious 151-proof flaming Spanish coffee.
  • Although crawfish is in the name, the standout dishes at Jake’s Famous Crawfish is almost anything but crawfish. They offer fish that is caught the day it is served, salmon that is a must-try, as well as oysters served on the half shell.
  • Allegedly invented by Louis Wachsmuth on a cold, winter day, the oyster stew served at Dan & Louis Oyster Bar is the made from oysters harvested from their own beds. They also, of course, serve oysters by the dozen on the half shell. Both are excellent dishes, we recommend an order of oysters along with the stew.

Pancakes in the House

The Original Pancake House is a nationwide franchise, every location that we have been to is just as good as the last. However, the original Original Pancake Hose, located in Portland, Oregon is better than the rest. Every single dish is made with ingredients so fresh that we believe the farm is somehow hidden behind the restaurant. There is not another restaurant that serves pancakes as good as this one.


Voodoo Doughnut

Behold Voodoo Doughnut's bacon-maple bar -- a great all-in-one breakfast. Just one of many pastries that have made this shop in Portland, Oregon famous.


Annie’s Donut Shop

Portland's great non-artisan donuts. Annie's cream puffs are light & fresh. Raspberry fritters are unctuous, fruity, monumentally satisfying.


Otto’s Sausage Kitchen

Otto's of Portland, Oregon, makes some of the best hot dogs and sausages in the West and cooks them outdoors on a sidewalk grill. Great deli sandwiches, too.


Huber’s Café

A good square meal of turkey with all the fixins is the heart of Huber’s menu; but do not ignore the high-proof flaming Spanish coffee, served with a flourish.


Jake’s Famous Crawfish

Thick white tablecloths & jacketed wait-staff are emblems of a classic Pacific Northwest fish house. Jake's has been a Portland best-bet for over a century.


Dan & Louis Oyster Bar

A grand nautical restaurant from the early 20th century, Portland's Dan & Louis serves impeccable Northwest seafood, including a famous oyster stew.


Original Pancake House

The 1st Original Pancake House in Portland serves the best pancakes imaginable. Everything is first rate, from rich cream for coffee to thick-cut bacon.