Donut Stop

Review by: Michael Stern

We don’t love the Donut Stop only because it opens every morning at 4:30 (and closes at 12:30pm); but the early-shift hours are part of its plebeian charm. This is not a frou-frou donut shop with fancy espresso drinks and wi-fi. It is a classic. The cake donuts, yeast donuts, fritters, crème horns, French crullers, cinnamon buns, and glazed tarts are classics, too. Best of all is the house signature cinnamon glob. That’s dough with cinnamon mixed into it, rolled into a ball, fried, and sugar-glazed. According to the Donut Stop website, the glob is a cinnamon bun’s unrefined cousin.

Also on the menu is a wide selection of fried, fruit-filled, sugar-glazed pies.

Expect to wait in line, especially on weekends. All business is take-out.

Note: A second Donut Stop is located at 3120 W. Clay Street in St. Charles (636-724-5213). It is open every day from 5am to 1pm.

What To Eat

Cinnamon Glob

Cherry Fritter

Glazed Donut


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