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Seafood is brilliant throughout Alabama, especially around the Mobile Bay, where must-eats include the sweet local crab-meat specialty, West Indies salad, as well as fried crab claws and fresh oysters by the dozens. Even up in Bessemer, fish lovers have put The Bright Star restaurant in the Pantheon for its magical Greek-style snapper. Everywhere in this state, barbecue is noteworthy – ribs especially; and to the north be sure to look for white BBQ sauce, unique to the area. Deep South classics such as fried chicken, cream pie, and banana pudding abound in the cafes of Birmingham and Montgomery. And you haven’t fully tasted Alabama until you’ve had a kraut-topped chili dog at Mobile’s Dew Drop Inn.

Alabama’s Most Famous Dishes

Bowl full of cool, marinated hunks of crabmeat ... best of the Mobile Bay

West Indies Salad

Custard, sliced bananas, crumbled Nilla wafers, and meringue are crowded in a diner bowl

Banana Pudding

BBQ chicken under white sauce

White Sauce BBQ | Alabama Signature Dish

Tall, gnarled-top light gold biscuit


Alabama’s Best Restaurants

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Great Alabama Recipes

Cool crab meat in marinade ... best of the Mobile Bay

West Indies Salad


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