Top Pot Doughnuts

Review by: Michael Stern

First and foremost, there’s the crunch of the doughnut’s skin. It is crisp enough to feel like your teeth are breaking something, after which they sink into the creamy cake interior just below the golden crust. Even a plain old fashioned doughnut at Top Pot is a sensuous experience. Encase the top half with silky dark chocolate or a glistening thick sugar glaze and this modest-sized circular pastry becomes sheer ecstasy.

They call them “gourmet doughnuts” at Top Pot, which has earned national renown since we first reviewed it well over ten years ago; and if gourmet means better than average, the term is apt. There’s nothing frou-frou or pretentious about them. They are good ol’ doughnuts, the kind you want to have with morning coffee, but by any meaningful standard – taste, texture, heft, even good looks – they are in a league by themselves, far beyond any of the better-known national chains and just about as good as any served by our favorite doughnut shops in the Northeast, where we once believed all the really good donuts are.

The original downtown Top Pot is a beautiful, airy space with book-lined walls and retro décor that includes a vintage TV and an handsome old espresso machine.

What To Eat

Old Fashioned Doughnut

Apple Fritter

Maple Bar

Blueberry Fritter

Maple Cake Donut

Raspberry Glazed Old Fashioned

Peppermint Snowdrift


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November 13th, 2014

I visited when peanuts were still under recall, so no peanut donut. But the blueberry donut was still dang good. They had such an elaborate menu, the counterperson confided in me that she has never even see a few things on the menu, like the lemon bullseye, and she has been there for years. I tried to also split a cream filled donut with my friend’s daughter, but it was just too much sugar. Even for me. Even for a 12-year-old with an endless supply of milk.


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