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Orlando connotes corporate-fabricated fun, but hungry visitors can explore another kind of magic kingdom: a realm of miraculously good soul food. In and around the city is a cache of personality-plus restaurants where menus run from turkey necks to pig tails, and where dinner always includes constellations of brilliant vegetables – including, of course, that great southern vegetable, mac ‘n’ cheese. Other local highlights include a place called Cuban Sandwiches to Go, and, just north in Winter Park, a grilled-cheese-dedicated restaurant that has named itself Toasted, and the always-impeccable (and always crowded!) Winter Park Fish Co.

Orlando’s Most Famous Dishes

Pressed-flat sandwich squeezes roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard.

Cuban Sandwich

3-layer red velvet cake is estravagantly frosted

Red Velvet Cake

Styrofoam bowl holds dark purpble blackberries and chunks of pastry crust.


4-vegetable plate: beets, corn pudding, yam casserole, mashed potatoes


Orlando’s Best Restaurants

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