Restaurants in Norfolk, VA

At the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk has a bevvy of worthy seafood restaurants, some of them serving crab Norfolk (bathed in butter), blue crabs, and oysters. For extraordinary seafood in the most interesting location, a short trip north along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to Cape Charles leads to Sting-Ray’s, where superb local dishes are served in the side room of a gas station (known to its friends as Chez Exxon). Choice eats in Norfolk itself include titanic omelets at Charlie’s Cafe, burgers and ice cream at Doumar’s (whose founder, it is said, invented the ice cream cone), and a chopped pork sandwich at Megallon’s Gourmet BBQ. Just east in Virginia Beach, Doc Taylor’s is a stylish, hugely popular destination for breakfast and brunch. Main attraction: the Ray-Ray sandwich, which is an onion roll piled with egg, cheese, your choice of breakfast meat, and a tomato slice that has been encased in Parmesan cheese and grilled.

Norfolk’s Most Famous Dishes

Hacked-up, smoke-cooked pork is dressed with a minimal amount of BBQ sauce inside a bun.

Chopped Pork Sandwich

Half chickens, basted with marinade, cook on a charcoal grill

BBQ Chicken

Fried pork chop sandwich is garnished with sweet, zesty chili sauce

Pork Sandwich

Sausage, brisket, ribs, and chicken surround a ramekin of orange BBQ sauce

BBQ Platters

Norfolk’s Best Restaurants

Doumar’s Cones & Barbecue - Strawberry Cone
Doumar’s Cones & Barbecue


Charlie’s Cafe


Megallon’s Gourmet BBQ


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