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No state has a more distinctive cuisine than Louisiana. From spectacular seafood feasts in the Creole palaces of New Orleans to boudin sausage and cracklin’ munchies in the butcher shops of Cajun country, it’s a taste-buds orgy so different than the rest of America that it’s almost like visiting a foreign country. Effulgent po boys are a Crescent City essential, as are oysters every-which-way and café au lait with beignets. Outside the city, look for crawfish, meat pies, and country-style gumbo. To the north, flavors become more typically Deep South and meat-and-three restaurants abound.

Louisiana’s Most Famous Dishes

Broad dish holds crawfish with corn, potatoes, mushrooms, and sausage.


Two tubes of delicate French bread sandwich gravy-sopped roast beef and garnishes

Po Boys

Sliced-open, crisp-fried boudin ball shows moist, spicy insides


A dozen raw oysters on the half-shell


Louisiana’s Best Restaurants

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