Review by: Michael Stern

“What is a frappe?” we ask as we study the drink section of the posted movable-letter menu above the counter at Borden’s dairy bar.

“That’s frapp-AY,” replies the mixologist, a soda-fountain veteran to whom the differences among a shake, malt, freeze, flip, frappe, and soda are elementary. She explains that here in Lafayette, a frappe is four scoops of ice cream and your choice of flavor, all blended together. It is like a milk shake without the milk. “You eat it with a spoon,” she advises.

Nice as that sounds, we go for a traditional chocolate malt. It is a pleasure to watch her assemble ingredients in the tall cup with aplomb, then tend the cup as the mixer strains to whir them all together. She works hard rearranging it round and round, up and down and at a cant so that unblended clods of ice cream get hit by the blades. The ultimate result: a classic malt, served with spoon and straw, with nary a single hunk of unmixed ice cream.

Sundaes are masterfully made, too – but served, alas, like the shakes, in paper cups rather than traditional soda fountain glassware. Among the broad choice of toppings, we are partial to hot fudge, marshmallow cream, and syrupy “wet nuts.”

This old ice cream shop with its deco-stucco exterior is a blast from the past, and not only for the soda-jerking expertise of the lady behind the counter. It is in fact a genuine Borden’s Dairy store, complete with cartoon images of mascot Elsie the Cow above the entryway and seating at 5 booths upholstered in lipstick-red leatherette.

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Karen Fontenot Madden

September 9th, 2004

Borden’s is the place to go on Summer weekend afternoons. But beware, it can be crowded on Sunday around 3 p.m. The college is just a block away, and students come by for an afternoon snack, as do families, and just about everyone around. I can’t remember when Borden’s wasn’t around.

If you havn’t eaten a meal in a few hours… try the Banana Split, though my FAVORITE is the Gold Brick Sundae.. vanilla ice-cream with gold brick chocolate poured over and pecans sprinkled on top.

The frappes are refreshing and thick – use a spoon!


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