America’s Best Classic Sliders


Things Have Changed

Long ago, a slider was just one thing: a dime-thin patty of griddle-cooked cheap beef from 1 to 2 ounces nestled in a mini bun less than 2 inches across. The term has expanded to include small, bunned sandwiches made with high quality beef (Kobe sliders!) and even ones made without beef (tuna sliders, lobster sliders, even veggie sliders). They all can be good, but there is something transcendent about the taste and aroma of greasy beef oozing into a spongy bun with a pile of glistening fried onions — a classic formula used at White MannaCrabill’sPowers Hamburgers, and Cozy Inn. Admittedly, District Donuts Sliders and Brew ups the ante by using “house blend Creeekstone Black Angus” beef and dressing it with campari tomato and slider sauce, but we forgive the heresy: it’s a delicious slider!


White Manna

White Manna's sliders, festooned with onions and cheese if requested, nestled in a tender potato roll, are a New Jersey diner must-eat. American classics!



Slider central in Urbana, Ohio! The little burgers are greasy delights at Crabill's, an 8-stool diner where regular customers eat them by the dozen.


Powers Hamburgers

Powers Hamburgers, dating back to 1940, is a tiny Art Deco Fort Wayne gem specializing in burgers smothered with caramelized onions.


Cozy Inn

The Cozy Inn of Salina, Kansas, is the original slider restaurant, specializing in addictive itty-bitty burgers to be eaten a half-dozen at a time.

Must Eats

District Donuts Sliders Brew

Donuts star at New Orleans' District Donuts Sliders Brew -- from simple ones to sweet/savory inventions that push the fried-dough envelope. Coffee's great, too!