Cozy Inn

Review by: Michael Stern

The taste of a Cozy Inn hamburger is great; the aroma is unforgettable. As you step up to the minuscule diner, the smell of grilling onions and beef with a hint of dill pickle tickles your nose like exotic hash-house perfume. Sit at the counter on one of the six stools for a twenty-minute lunch of maybe a half dozen little sliders and a bag of potato chips, and that smell will saturate your clothes and stay with you the rest of the day.

These are the original sliders, since 1922, and at a little over a dollar apiece, you can be sure they are not Salisbury steaks! Not even quarter-pounders or one-eighth pounders. Each Cozy burger is 1/16th of a pound. It is a nickle-thin patty that forms a perfect combination with pickle and onion — a configuration so consecrated that, according to Cozy Inn folklore, some years ago when a Cozy cook tried to put a piece of cheese on his own, personal burger, he was fired on the spot. The house credo is All burgers served with onion & an attitude.

The best way to eat a Cozy burger is straight from the grill (which holds 55 at one time). It has been reported that the management will ship Cozy burgers packed in dry ice to desperate people elsewhere in the country; but it is not a house policy.

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