Que Crawl

Review by: Michael Stern

Hearty eaters who strolled along Royal Street during the 2009 New Orleans Roadfood Festival need no introduction to The Que Crawl, the shocking-purple truck from which issued two of the event’s most popular dishes: 12 Hour Roast Beef Po Boys, for which the word “tender” has no synonyms soft enough, and Cochon de Lait Po Boys packed with pulled pork on which teeth seem too brutal. They’ll be featured attractions at the 2010 Festival once again, but if you happen to be heading to New Orleans before or after March 26-28, 2010, you should know that Que Crawl masterworks are available Thursday through Saturday nights starting a little after 10pm and Sunday after 6pm just outside the doors of the music venue known as Tipitina’s. Food service usually ends just before dawn.

The regular menu includes not only po boys but also long-smoked ribs, gumbo, boudin balls, barbecue-seasoned French fries, and deep-fried tiles of barbecue- veiled cheese grits known as grit fries. Chef Nathanial Zimet is known for producing such fusion showstoppers as wontons stuffed with crab, jerked chicken taquitos, seafood-papaya egg rolls, and brownies made with bacon fat instead of ordinary oil.

What To Eat

Cochon de Lait Po Boy

12 Hour Roast Beef Po Boy

Grit Fries

Bacon Brownies


Que Crawl Recipes


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Darren Blanton

March 9th, 2023

We are coming to New Orleans for Easter week and would love to eat your food


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