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Review by: Michael Stern

Don’s is best known for its boudin, a rather elegant pork-and-rice sausage with a nice pepper glow. It is sold by the link, warm and ready to eat, at one counter towards the front of the big, modern supermarket and butcher shop. In the back, adjoining cases of raw meat, smoked meat and sausages is an order counter where you can buy po boys, fried pork chops, fried chicken, and meat pies. Carry your trayful of lunch to a bare table in the dining area or to one of the picnic tables lined up outside along the side of the building.

Sunday is an especially good time to eat at Don’s for pork steaks that draw fans from Lafayette Parish and beyond as well as for half chickens and stuffed brisket.

The original Don’s is located in Carencro on I-49 Frontage Rd.

What To Eat

Crawfish Pie

Pork Chop

Boudin Ball

Sunday BBQ

Cracklins – Pound

Beef Jerky – Pound

Fresh Sausage – Pound

Stuffed Pork Chops For 2 – Ready to Cook


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Melissa Linkinhoker

April 24th, 2010

I’ve never been to Don’s but Don’s has come to me. A former co-worker who was raised near Don’s brings me treats from Don’s. I just give him money and tell him to surprise me. I haven’t had a bad thing yet.

Most of my stuff comes from the meat market area. I never liked stuffed pork chops until I had the ones from Don’s. These are nice chops stuffed with a mixture that is mainly fresh Cajun sausage. Then there are what my friend calls pantoilettes: they are sort of a cross between a sausage patty and a pork burger that has been wrapped in caul fat. Fry them up, make some gravy from the drippings and simmer them in the gravy. There is also a hog stomach stuffed with sausage (chaudin) that you brown up and braise in gravy.

Tasso, boudin, and fresh sausage are also very good. Beef jerky is some of the best I have ever had. But my absolute favorite: their cracklins! Mind you, these aren’t like the cracklins my grandmother used for cracklin bread. These aren’t like the pork rinds and chicharrone you get in stores. These are nice chunks with a great balance of pork rind, fat, and meat. They aren’t too light and puffy and they aren’t too heavy or hard. They are tossed in seasonings that give them a slight ting of heat.

You can mail order, which is what I often resort to since I can’t wait until he has family come up or he goes home to visit. Those trips are way too far apart to keep me stocked up.


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