Roast Beef Sandwich


Every deli serves a roast beef sandwich, but a handful of U.S. restaurants make roast beef sandwiches that go beyond mere lunch meat on bread. The most memorable are those with distinct regional personality such as New Orleans’ roast beef & debris, Philly cheese steaks, and the upper Midwest’s “hot beef” — but there are great ones that simply are a matter of beef and bread that are superior. Here are ten of the nation’s best, hot and cold.


Nick’s Famous Roast Beef

A well-stacked pile of soft pink roast beef inside a giant rectangular roll studded with onion has made Nick's a north-of-Boston legend.


S&S Dugout

The Dugout is a colorful Westport, Connecticut restaurant where sandwiches rule. Roast beef or ham sliced thin and piled high are especially excellent.


Carbone’s Market

Carbone's is a vintage Italian-American neighborhood grocery store known for huge, beautiful grinders (sub sandwiches). Roast beef is a specialty.


Charlie the Butcher

Charlie the Butcher serves Buffalo's unique beef on weck sandwich at its best, plus a wide variety of excellent butcher-block specialties.



Is this the best Chicago sandwich ever? Johnnie's Italian beef delivers juicy garlic kick; add vibrant giardiniera and you'll hear angels sing.



Maverick's roast beef sandwiches are a Minneapolis best-bet: soft, pink velvety slices cut to order and piled into a soft white bun. Service is cafeteria-style.


Lange’s Café

Roast beef at Lange's in Pipestone, Minnesota is a North Country must. Sour cream raisin pie is best of the Midwest, crowned with airlight meringue. Open 24/7.



At the back of an ordinary-looking Marathon gas station in Biloxi, Fayard's serves some of the best po boy sandwiches along Mississippi's Gulf Coast.


Parkway Bakery & Tavern

The Parkway is one of New Orleans' top po boy destinations, especially notable for its great roast beef and/or gravy sandwiches.


Philippe the Original

Philippe’s restaurant of Los Angeles says it invented the French Dip sandwich. Beef, pork, lamb, ham, or turkey, the essential condiment is HOT mustard.


Tat’s Delicatessen

Immense Philly cheese steaks, subs and hoagies, priced right, are Tat's glory. It's a casual Seattle restaurant with the hustle and sass of an East Coast deli.

Must Eats

Mama’s Pizzeria

Mama's is a humble, out-of-the-way restaurant serving some of the best cheese steaks and Italian hoagies in Philadelphia.

Must Eats