Bourque’s Supermarket

Cajun/Creole | Grocery Store
Worth a detour

A full-service supermarket where the people of Port Barre come to buy Cheerios, potato chips, bacon, and eggs, Bourque’s lured us off Highway 190 with a road sign boasting that it was “Home of the Original Jalapeno Sausage Cheese Bread.” It is splendid: a round loaf, available in sizes big enough for two or a family, its gnarled dough chockablock with savory bits of sausage and hot pepper and melted cheese. We ate ours cold, off the dashboard of the car, and loved it; heated and served warm, it’s even better.

While browsing through Bourque’s isles, we were reminded that a grocery store can be a vivid reflection of local taste – especially in this part of Louisiana. Shelves hold store-made roux, countless hot sauces and Cajun spice, tasso ham, giant jars of hog lard, and plenty of chicory coffee. The butcher’s case included an awesome array of such ickies as chicken hearts, hog jowls, a variety of tripes, and one especially fearsome looking heap of animal protein labeled “beef bouille.” We asked the butcher what it was. “Are you sure you want to know?” he grinned back at us. We gulped and nodded yes. “Oh, it’s not really that bad,” he said. “It’s pieces of liver, kidney, sweetbreads, and hearts. For your sausage.”

At the back of the store is a counter where ready-to-eat foods are sold. It’s a fascinating selection, ranging from the mundane (a bland corn dog) to the magnificent (crusty boudin balls with creamy/savory insides and a superspicy afterburn). One of the best treats here are the store-made cracklins: bite-size nuggets of fried-crisp pig fat.

What to Eat
Bourque’s Supermarket, Jalapeno Sausage Cheese Bread
Jalapeno Sausage Cheese Bread
This is a small round loaf of Jalapeno Sausage Cheese Bread, suitable for one or two people.
Bourque’s Supermarket, Cracklins
We never buy cracklins. They are too delicious, and we'd eat too many if we had an endless supply. The ladies behind the counter at Bourque's were kind enough to give us a tiny taste. Wonderful!
Bourque’s Supermarket, Boudin Ball
Boudin Ball
This boudin ball is deep fried until crusty on the outside. The interior is moist and savory.
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West of New Orleans from Baton Rouge to St. Charles and from the swamps of Avery Island to the prairies of Evangeline Parish, hundreds of places sell boudin sausage. Unlike a Texas hot link, boudin tends not to be a firm sort of sausage. Once its natural casing is cut, the seasoned pork-and-rice mix spills…

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