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How well we remember our first breakfast at the Dillard House: vast platters of hot cinnamon rolls and classic southern biscuits, homemade jellies and local honey, vivid-flavored country ham and sausage, grits, red-eye gravy, and soft fried apples.

We were reminded of how much we miss this bigger-than-life place by a short review and a couple of pictures sent to us by our Georgia friend Charles Ammons, who went their for supper. He said, and I quote:


“When your server greets you and explains that there is no menu at The Dillard House, you can expect a dining experience that differs from any other that you may have ever encountered.

“Twenty three bowls (by my wide eyed count!) filled with meats, breads, and vegetables are brought out simultaneously and placed on your table. The food is well prepared if perhaps a little bland for my taste. This is easily remedied with the selection of hot sauces available from the wait staff. The fried chicken, however, is a Southern stand out! Tender and juicy with a light batter it rivals what Grandma used to make for Sunday dinner after church!

“If this is not enough, your meal is made complete by fresh homemade fruit cobbler du jour served warm topped with vanilla ice cream!!

“The quality of the food and service from the attentive staff, as well as the beautiful mountain vistas that you see from your window seat, make this an incredible value at the $16 price.

“Co-workers of mine tell that the breakfast is even better! Maybe next time…”

Al & Janet Bowen | June 20, 2008

Several Roadfood.com members visited the Dillard House early in August 2006. We found the description written a couple of years ago by Michael Stern to be spot-on. We enjoyed a dinner and the next day’s breakfast and both lived up to the great review written earlier.

The dinner vegetables are all garden-grown locally. We loved the butternut squash and asparagus as well as the fresh melons and tomatoes. Dinner meats were as described, with the sliced beef coming from a rib roast and quite tender. The breakfast was also great. Grits, redeye gravy, country ham and bacon, and some wonderful sausages made this a morning to remember.

Our servers were quick to remind us of the “take it with you” rules, which encourage you to take a box of leftovers with you when you leave. We snacked on ham bits and fried pies all the way across Tennessee after leaving Dillard!

What to Eat
Dillard House, Local Garden Vegetables
Local Garden Vegetables
Here's a look at what was left after six hungry people went to work on a Dillard House dinner.
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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
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