Café des Amis

Worth driving from anywhere!


We were lost in the small community of Breaux Bridge looking for Café des Amis, unable to find East Bridge Street and stupidly oblivious to the street signs we kept passing that said “Rue de Pont Est.” When it dawned on us that we were there, we soon found the corner eatery where a window sign boasts that the café is “The essence of French Louisiana.”

Of course that doesn’t mean you get French food here. Not at all. The meals you eat are Cajun, the real deal: a French-accented mix of South and Soul, with a dash of Caribbean spice and Italian brio. But it’s ridiculous to try to define it by it’s roots; better to describe what it is.

At breakfast, it is beignets, little crisp-edged twists of fried dough under an avalanche of powdered sugar; it is “Oreille de Couchon,” a long strip of fried dough named because it resembles a pig’s ear, available plain or filled with boudin, also spread with powdered sugar. It is biscuits topped with crawfish etouffee, omelets filled with tasso ham, and cheese grits with andouille sausage.

The menu for lunch and supper is a veritable encyclopedia of local favorites, including turtle soup, andouille gumbo, barbecue shrimp, cornbread filled with crawfish tails, softshell crab, and crawfish pie. Desserts include bread pudding with rum sauce, which is more of a New Orleans thing than a Cajun one, and gateau sirop, which is extremely local. Made from sugar cane – grown and processed all around here – it is a block of moist spice cake with the distinctive smoky sweetness of cane sugar.

A friendly old brick-wall storefront that has been renovated to serve as an art gallery as well as a restaurant, Café des Amis is a gathering place for locals (who love swilling the excellent strong coffee) and an easy destination for passers-by, just a short drive off I-10. If you are looking for a full, true, and joyous taste of Acadian Louisiana, you’ll find none more satisfying than this.

Anne Ritchings | May 13, 2009

We arrived at Cafe des Amis just after the doors opened for lunch and were greeted as if we were long-lost friends. We were seated at a table next to the front window where we could watch the passing scene and wave to passersby as they waved to us. Such a friendly place!

The restaurant itself is charming and proves that the spirit of the 60’s is alive and well. The walls have been signed by the artists who have had a hand in decorating the place and the art provides nourishment for your aesthetic appetite while you wait for your meal.

I started by ordering corn and seafood bisque, thick with crawfish, shrimp, and corn. This was so rich and creamy; thank goodness it was only a cup. Kay ordered catfish nuggets with remoulade sauce. This was catfish as it should be: plump, juicy, and lightly–ever so lightly–breaded and fried. The star of the appetizers–actually, the star of the lunch–was the fried green tomatoes served with crab imperial as a sauce. The tartness of the tomato which had been fried to perfection was balanced by the sweetness of the crab. And this wasn’t just claw meat; the chunks of lump crab meat were huge.

Kay ordered the half-and-half shrimp–half etouffee and half fried–for her entree. The fried shrimp were light and the etouffee delicately complex. I had the eggplant Napoleon: slices of fried eggplant with a layer of crawfish in between and topped with a gratin sauce. Another winner.

Breaux Bridge may be a bit out of your way if your traveling in Louisiana, but the Cafe des Amis definitely makes the trip worthwhile.

What to Eat
Café des Amis, Beignets
Beignets come smothered with powdered sugar. There's nothing better with cafe au lait!
Boudin-Stuffed Oreille de Couchon
Eggs Begnaud
Café des Amis, Gateau Sirop
Gateau Sirop
Gateau Sirop means 'syrup cake,' an extremely regional specialty here in sugar cane country. It has a deep, dark, spicy flavor.
Café des Amis, Corn and Seafood Bisque
Corn and Seafood Bisque
Thick with corn, crawfish and shrimp, this creamy soup could be a meal in itself.
Café des Amis, Catfish Nuggets
Catfish Nuggets
These catfish nuggets were plump, juicy, and perfectly fried.
Café des Amis, Fried Green Tomatoes  with Crab Imperial
Fried Green Tomatoes with Crab Imperial
Fried green tomatoes with crab imperial was the star of a stellar meal.
Café des Amis, Shrimp Half and Half
Shrimp Half and Half
If you can't decide between fried or etouffee, this is the shrimp dish for you.
Café des Amis, Eggplant Napoleon
Eggplant Napoleon
Who knew that crawfish and eggplant were natural partners?
Andouille Cheese Grits
Oysters des Amis
Bowl of Hen & Andouille Gumbo
Oven Roasted Duck
Crawfish Pie
Fried Eggplant w/ crawfish etouffee
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday8 am - 2 pm
Tuesday11 am - 2 pm
Wednesday11 am - 9 pm
Thursday11 am - 9 pm
Friday7:30 am - 9 pm
Saturday8 am - 9 pm
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West of New Orleans from Baton Rouge to St. Charles and from the swamps of Avery Island to the prairies of Evangeline Parish, hundreds of places sell boudin sausage. Unlike a Texas hot link, boudin tends not to be a firm sort of sausage. Once its natural casing is cut, the seasoned pork-and-rice mix spills…

Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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