Creole Lunch House

Review by: Stephen Rushmore Jr.

The Creole Lunch house is discreetly located in a residential area of Lafayette. When my local guide Bob ( and I exited the car, I still couldn’t find the place since it resembles every other residence in the neighborhood. After the embarrassment of my disorientation, we headed inside Merline’s cozy eatery. With a seating capacity of about one dozen, many of the locals come to the Creole Lunch House for take-out during their lunch break. The white board posted an assortment of rotating plate lunches, but I stuck with a recommendation from an insider and ordered the sausage stuffed bread with a side of chicken fricassee sauce.

Slicing the hearty bread in half revealed a mix of spiced ground meat and pork sausage. The inner ring of the bread was moist from the meat and the thin rustic exterior provided a light chew. Mopping the stuffed bread into the chicken fricassee sauce amplified the carnivorous flavors.

For a quick meal or an experience off-the-beaten path, you can’t go wrong with the Creole Lunch House.

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