The Best Places To Get An Authentic New Orleans Muffaletta


Central Grocery claims to have invented the New Orleans sandwich known as a muffaletta. Like the Vietnamese Bahn-Mi, it was named for bread used to make it, in this case a circular foot-wide Sicilian loaf that resembles a double-tall focaccia. The loaf is sliced sideways and piled with salami, mortadella, capicola and provolone and — the muffaletta’s soul — a thick ribbon of garlicky olive salad.

Great meats make Cochon Butcher‘s version noteworthy. Not too far away in the French Quarter, Napoleon House heats up its muffaletta (to purists, a misdemeanor); and it is worth a drive out to Rocky and Carlo’s in St. Bernard Parrish for a totally non-tourist version.


Central Grocery

Central Grocery invented the muffuletta, one of New Orleans' great sandwiches, and despite its celebrity, it still makes the best in town. Love the olive salad!

Must Eats

Cochon Butcher

House-cured and smoked meats star at this casual New Orleans "Swine Bar" progeny of the original Cochon. Boudin sausage and BBQ pork are featured attractions.


Napoleon House

Napoleon House's toasted muffuletta is a pleasure to tear into, its mellow olive salad more of celery than olives. A NOLA restaurant classic.


Rocky and Carlo’s

A great Italian-Cajun eating hall out in St. Bernard Parish, Rocky and Carlo's serves hearty meals cafeteria style. Not to be missed is macaroni and cheese.