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The beautiful, open space at Good Dough centers around a clear case with rows and rows of colorful doughnuts. Some are classics, such as original glazed, snowball, and milk chocolate with sprinkles. Others are unique, such as one dubbed the Cheeseboard, which is topped with dried fruit, prosciutto, and nuts; and the Italian Wedding, which is sprinkled with slivered almonds and topped with an Italian wedding cookie.

Made by hand and from scratch with high-quality ingredients, they all are crafted in small batches. The focus is on local ingredients, from the beer in the fried-chicken batter to glazes and fillings.

House-raised doughnuts are made brioche-style, which makes them especially suited for sandwiches. So we get two. First, one of the more decadent things I’ve ever eaten: a glazed doughnut cut in half and filled with a huge piece of fresh-fried chicken and pickles. And a touch of hot sauce. The doughnut is soft and springy, and the chicken is juicy, still hot from the fryer. The pickles and hot sauce show real commitment, balancing the sweetness of the doughnut. Delicious!

An egg, ham, and cheese number looks plain but is brought home by the doughnut “bread” part of the formula. Thanks to its brioche roots, it’s a perfect chewy complement to the other ingredients.

Let’s go back to the non-sandwich doughnuts for a second. We get six additional — for research! — and they’re all excellent. Stand-outs include crème brûlée, which is sprinkled with sugar and torched and has a custard filling worthy of its name. It’s springy and chewy, creamy, and a bit crunchy. My next favorite is brown butter, which is a cake doughnut with a simple glaze. It’s super buttery with a touch of vanilla, and not the slightest bit dry.

Eggnog and peppermint bark donuts are old fashioned, with dense centers. A butterscotch doughnut is a good alternative to maple. A gingerbread doughnut comes with a festive cookie on top.

It’s a family-friendly place, especially on weekends, as its big enough for rambunctious kids to throw whisks clear across the room. The gentleman who helps me is friendly and chatty, welcoming us to the neighborhood and wishing us the best before we go — but not before making sure I can get out the door with all my boxes.

What to Eat
Good Dough, Fried Chicken Doughwich
Fried Chicken Doughwich
Crispy fried chicken. Glazed doughnut. Pickles. Hot sauce. Yes, yes, yes.
Good Dough, Ham, Egg & Chees Doughwich
Ham, Egg & Chees Doughwich
The soft brioche "bread" makes this egg sandwich stand out.
Good Dough, All the Doughnuts
All the Doughnuts
The only six pack I need: butterscotch bacon, crème brûlée, brown butter, eggnog, gingerbread, peppermint bar.
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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