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There’s nothing like the smell of bread baking, and you will get a snootful if you arrive at DiCamillo’s Bakery early in the morning. Cases are full of baked goodies of every sort, including excellent donuts.

When we’re camping, we love to check out the local bakeries for an early morning treat. So when we had an early appointment with the thundering Niagara Falls, we stopped by the oldest bakery in town with great expectations. There’s nothing like the smell of bread baking, and we got a snootful here on Linwood Avenue.

What to eat at DiCamillo’s Bakery

The cases were full of baked goodies of every sort, and fresh racks of bread were being rolled out of the back every three or four minutes. We had donuts: creme-filled, jelly-filled, cinnamon-dusted, and just plain. We also picked up a loaf of bread to enjoy with some local cheese and fruit for lunch.

We were about to leave when what should appear but racks of Buffalo’s unique kimmelweck rolls. Apparently DiCamillo’s Bakery supplies a lot of the local establishments with these peculiar but oh-so-tasty buns. Look over the Buffalo Roadfood.com listings for a more detailed description. We picked up a dozen and were able to treat folks in our hometown to a genuine Buffalo treat.

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What To Eat


Sourdough Bread

Chinese Butter Cookie

Cinnamon Roll



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