Restaurants in Hawaii

The best eats in paradise are fresh poke, all kinds of seafood served in the most informal way from roving food trucks, shave ice, and the Portuguese-ancestored fritters known as malasadas. Plate lunch restaurants abound throughout the islands, the traditional presentation being a scoop each of white rice and macaroni salad along with the likes of fried mahi mahi, chicken, short ribs, or chili. Loco Moco is a big deal throughout the state. That’s a hearty meal of a burger or two on rice topped with gravy and a fried egg. Yes, it’s eaten for breakfast.

Hawaii’s Most Famous Dishes

Hot tea in a glass cup with a pitcher for refills, on lacy paper doilies


Rugged loaf of tan banana bread, sliced to reveal that it's packed with chocolate chips and walnuts

Banana Bread

Thick bacon strips hung with clothespins on a line


Opened-up pork bun shows plenty of shredded meat.


Hawaii’s Best Restaurants

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