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Good steaks are an expected pleasure in a land where cattle and buffalo roam. We also are especially fond of South Dakota’s ways to please a sweet tooth, from atomic sundaes in vintage soda fountains to bakeries that are devoted exclusively to cookies. One specialty unique to The Mount Rushmore State is chislic — a Russian-German dish of skewered red meat (venison, beef, lamb) that gets deep fried and seasoned and is served piece by piece on toothpicks or lined up on a skewer. Around Pierre, it is likely that the meat will be dipped in batter before getting fried. It is such a favored dish in this state that the town of Freeman boasts a restaurant called The Chislic House.

South Dakota’s Most Famous Dishes

Thick, horseshoe-shaped sausage ring is tightly cased.


Cup of rich, creamed espresso with a cat-head design on top, made of cream


Slice of beet-red plum tart sports a cookie crust


Hash browns made of sweet otatoes are accompanied by a biscuit and an egg white omelet

Sweet Potatoes

South Dakota’s Best Restaurants

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