Restaurants in Vermont

It is rare to find a café in Vermont that does not serve genuine maple syrup with pancakes or French toast. The importance of maple syrup plus a large population of vintage diners means that breakfast is a big deal in this state. That good syrup also is the flavor foundation for creemees, the Green Mountain State’s version of custard, as well as for maple cream pie, maple donuts, and maple ice cream. As a matter of fact, Vermont just may be the nation’s #1 ice cream state, with small-batch farms and parlors producing pints of the creamiest anywhere. It also is a place where traditional hidebound Yankee fare still can be found in the form of red flannel hash, Indian pudding, and American chop suey.

Vermont’s Most Famous Dishes

Stack of 5 pancakes with pitchers of syrup and melted butter


Freshly baked assorted bagels for sale, hung on wall pegs


Rough-hewn corned beef hash contains big hunks of potato

Corned Beef Hash

BBQ-sauced beans in a blue bowl

BBQ Beans

Vermont’s Best Restaurants

Gillingham & Sons - Exterior
Gillingham & Sons


Bryant House - Crackers And Milk
Bryant House


Green Mountain Smokehouse - Road Sign
Green Mountain Smokehouse


Chelsea Royal Diner - Pancakes
Chelsea Royal Diner


Blue Benn Diner


Big Fatty’s BBQ


Depot 62


Onyx Tonics


Cold Hollow Cider Mill




Bunned hot dog topped
Papa Pete’s Snack Bar


Wayside Restaurant & Bakery


White Cottage


Al’s French Frys


Putney Diner


Chubby Muffin


Gravy spills across a pile of just-carved turkey in an open-face fandwich, with sides of mashed potatoes and cole slaw.
Parkway Diner


Bagel sandwiches smoked salmon, onion, tomato, capers ... Montreal-style bagels
Myer’s Bagels | Montreal-Style Bagels in Vermont


Up For Breakfast | Vermont in the Morning at its Best


Simon Pearce Restaurant - Shepherd's Pie
Simon Pearce Restaurant


Spare ribs smoking on a grate
Curtis’s Barbecue


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Laurel Diner - Corned Beef Hash

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