Restaurants in Tucson, AZ

Tucson is paradise for lovers of Mexican food. Its highlights include spectacular tamales of every imaginable type from the Tucson Tamale Company, Sonoran hot dogs from corner street carts in South Tucson, pico de gallo fruit cups sprinkled with lime and chile powder, zesty shrimp dishes at Mariscos Chihuahua, towering Topopo salads, utterly inventive and kaleidoscopically beautiful fare at The Little One, and a full repertoire of vegetarian and vegan dishes at a bustling beacon called Tumerico. But there’s much to eat in Tucson beyond great Mexican food, including mighty sweet roll breakfast at Gus Balon’s, S’mores French toast and duck confit hash at Prep & Pastry, hand-crafted ice cream at Hub Ice Cream Factory, and impeccably fresh loaves and pastries at a bakery/restaurant called Beyond Bread.

Tucson’s Most Famous Dishes

Soft roll holds a hot dog eclipsed by condiments, sided by a roasted pepper

Sonora Dog

Ginger-glazed block of grilled salmon rests on a bed of quinoa, corn, broccoli, and kale.


Four cups of salsa, ready to apply to a meal


Cross section of a burrito filled with carne asada, cheese, and veggies

Carne Asada

Tucson’s Best Restaurants

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