Pink’s Hot Dogs

Review by: Michael Stern

What hot dog should I get at Pink’s?

The must-eat item at Pink’s is a chili dog – an all-beef tube steak in a taut natural casing that is nabbed in spongy bun and is then topped with mustard, raw onions, and a spill of dark, meaty chili. This configuration was originally created by founders Paul and Betty Pink back in 1939, when it cost a dime. Since they opened their hot dog stand in what was then the Hollywood countryside, an entire city has grown up around them; and Pink’s has become a famous dive.

Is it worth the Wait?

It is so popular that the wait in line to place your order can seem interminable on a pleasant evening, but once you get to the head of the line, service is lightning fast – about a minute until you receive your tray of food. There are a few indoor seats around back as well as an outdoor patio, but favored dining spots also include the adjoining sidewalk, your car parked in the red zone on La Brea, or strolling along Melrose Avenue.

What kind of hot dogs does Pink’s have?

Beyond chili-topped hot dogs, Pink’s menu lists lesser-known breeds of pup worth eating, too: the Guadalajara dog, topped with sour cream; cheese dogs; dogs wrapped in tortillas; pastrami Reuben dogs, foot-long jalapeno dogs, extra-large Polish dogs, even a Martha Stewart dog, which is a 10-incher topped with mustard, relish, onions, bacon, chopped tomatoes, sauerkraut and sour cream. (Why that combination adds up to Martha Stewart, we cannot say.) There are even hamburgers; Roadfood tipster Larry said that he actually prefers the hamburgers to the hot dogs, and “the onion rings are to die for.”

What To Eat

Chili Dog

Coleslaw Dog

Hot Dog

Chile Cheese Dog

Chicago Dog

Chicago Hot Dog


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What do you think of Pink’s Hot Dogs?

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February 16th, 2011

The place is not the same, and it has too many offerings. Back in the day, when you wanted a great chili dog Pink’s was the place to go. These days it can take you well over 20 minutes standing in line just to get an opportunity to order (on a slow day).

We used to know the place as Boris’s (sixties) for the old guy behind the counter. Then later there was an Hispanic guy who sort of took over when we lost Boris. I wish I could remember his name because he was there for at least 25 years if not more.

I attended Hollywood High so Pink’s was a ritual for us. $.25 chili dogs; it wasn’t hard to down four chili dogs and a cream soda or blackberry. It was simple life.


Samuel Shor

September 5th, 2009

Typical to Pink’s and Los Angeles in general, they were shooting a movie there when I arrived. There was a huge line and it was only 11 am. I thought I was in for it. I pulled in to the parking lot and there were several places; something didn’t add up. Turns out the line was part of the movie and they were all extras in the shot. There was actually no line. The only thing I had to wait for: they were making quite a lot of “prop” dogs and dogs for the crew. Once they realized I wasn’t an extra I was able to put my order in.

I opted for just a coleslaw dog. Pink’s is pretty popular for their chile cheese dog, along with all their other specialties (like the bacon burrito dog) but I wanted to try something simple. The hot dog was actually pretty small and I guess I mean that in relation to the bun. There was a good amount of coleslaw and it tasted good but it all overshadowed the actual hot dog, which I would imagine would be the most important component. The taste was good but underwhelming considering all the hype.

The Chicago dogs and the chile cheese dogs I saw looked amazing and I’d grab one of those next time. If you haven’t tried Pink’s before and you’re in the area I’d say give it a go, but I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way or wait in too long of a line.


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