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“As American as apple pie.” Yes, apple pie is an emblem of our country, just as cherry pie is synonymous with happiness, pecan pie symbolizes ultimate indulgence, and lemon ice box pie is the last word in cool refreshment.

Basic categories of pie found around the country include fruit pies (double-crust, crumb-top, deep dish), nut pies, cream / custard / meringue pies, icebox pies, fried pies, pumpkin and sweet potato pies. Favorite interesting crusts are those made with lard, gingersnaps, Graham crackers, shortbread, nuts, or crumbled cookies.

Pie-focused travelers look for such unique regional favorites as shoofly pie in Amish Pennsylvania, sour cream raisin pie in Midwest dairy country, chess pie throughout the South, Maine wild blueberry pie, genuine Key lime pie, olallieberry pie in California, huckleberry pie in Montana, marionberry pie in Oregon, Shaker sugar pie, maple walnut pie in New England, Kentucky derby pie, Hoosier cream pie, and apple pie baked in a brown paper bag at the Elegant Farmer in Mukwanago, Wisconsin.

Which is the nation’s #1 pie state? Top contenders are Iowa, Arkansas, Maine, Oregon, California, and Texas.

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Apple pie is topped with a crust ribboned with streaks of caramel

Apple Pie

Cream pie slice is packed with bananas

Banana Cream Pie

Wine red blackberries spill from a wedge of pie

Blackberry Pie

A modest-size pie slice is overwhelmed by how many blueberries it contains

Blueberry Pie

Two layered sponge-cake cut like a pie wedge is filled with cream and topped with chocolate

Boston Cream Pie

Wedge of pie filled with multiple kinds of berry is a la moded with two scoops of ice cream

Bumbleberry Pie

Ethereal yellow buttermilk pie is heaped with fresh whipped cream

Buttermilk Pie

A giant slice of cherry pie occupies a full plate and is topped with a half-pint of vanilla ice cream.

Cherry Pie

Slender wedge of clear chess pie is topped with a strawberry and whipped cream

Chess Pie

Fragile crust supports a light chocolate cream pie topped with meringue.

Chocolate Cream Pie

Dense, dark chocolate pie perches on a toasted-pecan crust

Chocolate Pie

Coconut shreds are threaded throughout this pillowy wedge of pie

Coconut Cream Pie

Bright yellow wedge of custard pie is sprinkled with nutmeg

Custard Pie

Hand-holdable crescent pie crust contains apricot filling

Fried Pie

Key lime pie: silky, sweet-tart lemon filling on a Graham cracker crust

Lemon Ice Box Pie

Pie with sunny yellow citrus filling is topped with a tall, toasty-top white meringue

Lemon Meringue Pie

Peach slices peek out from under the rugged pastry crust of a pie slice on a china plate.

Peach Pie

Peanut butter pie, frosted with chocolate, comes on a chocolate-cookie crust

Peanut Butter Pie

Double crust pie is filled with roasted pears and walnuts

Pear Pie

Best Sweet Pies Restaurants

Stockholm Pie Company

Stockholm, WI

Strawn’s Eat Shop

Shreveport, LA

Machine Shed

Urbandale, IA

North Hadley Sugar Shack

Hadley, MA

Duarte’s Tavern

Pescadero, CA

Blue Heaven

Key West, FL


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