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Saylors Crossroads is as rural as a place can be, surrounded by acres of agriculture and a far piece from any town. At this bucolic spot in the heart of South Carolina’s Piedmont stands a restaurant that is true to its country location but also is a beacon of sophisticated cooking.

How did such a paradox come to be? Owners Heidi and Joe Trull had a baby. At the time, they were successful restaurateurs in the Creole culinary polestar, New Orleans – he was Emeril Lagasse’s pastry chef at Nola, she ran the esteemed Elizabeth’s – but they wanted to raise their child in the Carolinas where they grew up. So they found an old country store and made it into Grits & Groceries.

Here you find local produce used to make traditional dishes, but with a twist, the twist frequently being a South Louisiana accent. Examples: pork steak with Creole gravy; shrimp po boy; praline-crusted bacon. Among other menu highlights are a juice-heavy pimento cheeseburger draped with bacon, okra fritters with corn relish (a Wednesday special), and an appetizer of crisp-fried spheres of country ham and pimento cheese rolled in corn flakes and presented on a puddle of sweet-hot pepper jelly. If I have a problem with this place, it’s that there are too many intriguing things on the menu to taste them all, even in multiple visits.

Dessert is as good as it gets. Banana pudding is loaded with cookies and topped with real whipped cream. Crisp-crusted fried apple pie is served warm, inducing ecstasy when sided by a scoop of house-made cinnamon ice cream. Chocolate Coca-Cola cake is moist and powerfully chocolaty. F.R.O.G. cobbler (fig, raspberry, orange, ginger) is a sweet-tart triumph. And there’s butter-yellow sweet corn ice cream, coconut bread pudding, chocolate coconut cheesecake, peanut butter crunch bread pudding, and whiskey egg nog ice cream.

At brunch, served Friday and Saturday from 9am to 2pm, Carolina shrimp gravy and grits is a morning-meal dazzler, as are braised pork shanks topped with peach-pepper barbecue sauce, known here as Hog Wings. Lunch is served Tuesday and Wednesday. Dinner is served Thursday nights only.

What to Eat
Grits & Groceries, Palmetto Burger
Palmetto Burger
The Palmetto burger is topped with pimento cheese and thick bacon.
Grits & Groceries, Tomato Pie
Tomato Pie
Fruity tomato pie is accompanied by slim disks of spicy pickle.
Grits & Groceries, Ham Balls
Ham Balls
Country ham balls are spheres of pimento cheese speckled with ham, breaded with corn flake crumbs, and fried to a crisp.
Grits & Groceries, Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake
Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake
Chocolate Coca-Cola cake hums with chocolate and is speckled with nuts.
Grits & Groceries, Fried Apple Pie a la Mode
Fried Apple Pie a la Mode
Fried apple pie with cinnamon ice cream
Grits & Groceries, Praline Bacon
Praline Bacon
Praline bacon: a taste of New Orleans.
Grits & Groceries, Okra Fritter Salad
Okra Fritter Salad
Okra fritter salad includes sweet corn relish.
Grits & Groceries, Hog Wings
Hog Wings
Hog Wings: a Carolina duet of braised pork shanks and peach/corn barbecue sauce
Grits & Groceries, Carolina Shrimp Gravy and Grits
Carolina Shrimp Gravy and Grits
Torrents of spicy ham gravy make a different kind of shrimp and grits.
Grits & Groceries, Fig Cake
Fig Cake
Fig cake glazed with brown butter icing
Grits & Groceries, Blueberry Fritters
Blueberry Fritters
Blueberry fritters above a pool of sugary icing for dipping
Grits & Groceries, German Apple Pancake
German Apple Pancake
German apple pancake: waffle batter loaded with whisky-muddled apples
Grits & Groceries, Apple Dumpling
Apple Dumpling
Crisp-crusted hot apple dumpling topped with caramel apple ice cream
Grits & Groceries, Cornmeal Apple Cake
Cornmeal Apple Cake
Unbelievably moist cornmeal apple cake
Grits & Groceries, Sweet Corn Ice Cream
Sweet Corn Ice Cream
Sweet corn ice cream
Grits & Groceries, Stuffed French Toast
Stuffed French Toast
French toast is stuffed with cream cheese and fresh, ripe strawberries.
Grits & Groceries, Goober Pie
Goober Pie
Individual-size goober pies are set out by the cash register.
Grits & Groceries, Buttermilk
It's not photogenic, but a tall cup of cold buttermilk sure is refreshing.
Grits & Groceries, Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie
Pecan pie is a la moded with buttermilk-lemon ice cream.
Grits & Groceries, Ambrosia Bread Pudding
Ambrosia Bread Pudding
Ambrosia bread pudding lolls in buttery syrup.
Grits & Groceries, Red Rooster Breakfast
Red Rooster Breakfast
Brilliant fried chicken, topped with gravy
Grits & Groceries, Shrimp Po Boy
Shrimp Po Boy
Fried shrimp dressed with remoulade in a New Orleans po boy.
Grits & Groceries, Pork Po Boy
Pork Po Boy
This roast pork po boy is a knife-and-fork proposition.
Directions and Hours
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Thursday11am - 2pm
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