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Amelie’s is one of a kind. Actually, four of a kind, with branches in Rock Hill, SC, Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte’s Carmel Commons Shopping Center). In my experience, the food and coffee at all of them are equally excellent (I’ve yet to visit the Carmel Commons location), but if you can go only to one, make it the flagship store in Charlotte — open 24/7/365 — for the fullest expression of a decorative aesthetic that the word eclectic is far too ordinary to describe. Art on the wall, lamps on tables and dangling from above, the very tables and chairs are all Alice-in-Wonderland weird — a cheerfully psychedelic environment with plenty of comfortable seating and lounging space in multiple rooms.

There is nothing silly about the pastries Amelie’s bakes. They’re world class, sophisticated, utterly fresh (many are still warm in the early morning hours), and consistently delicious. Of special note are twice-baked croissants (almond, chocolate, or raspberry-pistachio) that transmogrify from flaky lightweights into moist tea cakes: a grand companion for at least a couple of cups of coffee. I also am a big fan of Amelie’s gorgeous fruit tarts, available single-serving or full-size, as well as of cool Napoleons and eclairs, and a large repertoire of muffins, Danishes, and tea cakes.

While pastries and coffee are the headliners, Amelie’s is no slouch in the full-meal department. Sandwiches come on crisp-crusted featherweight baguettes or flaky croissants; creative salads frequently include in-season fruits; and there is a wide selection of spreads to go on house-baked breads: pimento cheese, smoked gouda, sundried tomato basil, roasted garlic feta, roasted red pepper, caper goat cheese, truffle honey, and basil butter.

The one negative thing to say about Amelie’s is that the menu is overwhelming, with far too many tempting things for even the most voracious appetite to sample in a single visit.

What to Eat
Amelie’s French Bakery, Twice Baked Almond Croissant
Twice Baked Almond Croissant
Labeled "twice-baked croissant," this almond-veined pastry is more like a moist tea cake than a traditional featherweight croissant. It is hugely satisfying. A chocolate version also is available.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate
Below the whipped cream and caramel drizzle is very chocolaty hot chocolate.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Quiche
This photo does not do justice to the smooth, fluffy body of Amelie's wonderful spinach and goat cheese quiche. A truly elegant wedge of breakfast.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Blueberry Muffin
Blueberry Muffin
Deep within this large, blueberry-rich muffin is a creamy core of smooth cheese.
Amelie’s French Bakery, BLT
Mayonnaise laced with herbes de Provence adds pizzazz to the BLT. The buttery croissant puts it in the Sheer Luxury category.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Seeded Roast Beef Sandwich
Seeded Roast Beef Sandwich
Roast beef and mozzarella on a buttered baguette. Plenty of tingly horseradish gives this sandwich punch. A surfeit of caraway seeds inside reminds me of Buffalo beef on weck.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Fruit Tart
Fruit Tart
One of countless inviting pastries on Amelie's shelves, this flaky swirl has a crisp sugar glaze, creamy center, and bright berry crown.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Latte
Not the most artistic latte you'll drink, but one of the tastiest: creamy-smooth and caffeinated.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Espresso
A powerhouse quad espresso comes with a mini palmier on its saucer.
Amelie’s French Bakery, French Press Coffee
French Press Coffee
If you crave the smoothest strong coffee and have a few minutes to wait, French press is the way to go.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Cinnamon Stick
Cinnamon Stick
For a little something to munch with morning coffee, Amelie's crisp cinnamon stick fills the bill.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Cafe au Lait
Cafe au Lait
Cafe au lait camouflages its coffee oomph with a large head of foamy cream.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Pumpkin Croissant
Pumpkin Croissant
A subtle vein of pumpkin cream within gives this croissant a festive twist.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Vanilla Strawberry Cake
Vanilla Strawberry Cake
Petit gateau au fraise et vanile (small strawberry-vanilla cake). Creamy-dreamy!
Amelie’s French Bakery, Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake
Patience is required to fully enjoy this wonderful single-serving chocolate cake. Because of all the cream inside, it must be kept cool. For maximum deliciousness, one must wait for it to come to room temperature. Once that happens, it's chocolate heaven.
Amelie’s French Bakery, Roasted Corn & Red Pepper Salad
Roasted Corn & Red Pepper Salad
Pan roasted corn and red pepper salad comes with a ramekin of creamy dill dressing.
Directions and Hours
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Sunday7am - 10pm
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