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Lupie’s is the sort of place locals love but outsiders seldom discover. Charlotte friends Jay and Susan told me that the ramshackle eat-place has been around since 1987, and although they might not give it a 100 score for fastidious housekeeping, the vegetables make everything worthwhile. 4-vegetable plates are 4-star fabulous, such combos as painfully tender discs of yellow squash with sweet onions, green beans (non-canned, well-cooked) saturated by tidal waves of pork flavor, large hunks of carrot sweetened with brown sugar, and super-cheesy mac & cheese.

I ordered a vegetable plate contingent on a trade agreement in which Susan agreed to share her bacon cheeseburger in exchange for some of my macaroni and cheese. It was a good deal. The cheeseburger is a sloppy, full-flavored stack of juicy beef, thick and salty bacon, really tasty slices of tomato, and a kaleidoscope of condiments – all but mustard, which Susan, strangely, abjures. Jay’s vegetarian chili was a rib-sticking pleasure, just a little bit spicy, heaped with shredded orange cheese and raw onions. The menu also lists Cincinnati chili and Texas chili.

Lupie’s has an unvarnished charm that is increasingly rare in a world of corporate restaurants with carefully plotted themes. Its theme, I would say, is square meals for honest dollars. Décor includes hagiographic images of Elvis as well as portraits of Lupie’s waitstaff from years past. When I extolled the macaroni and cheese at the cash register while paying the bill, the woman there beamed and said that next time, I should try her nachos, a plate of which I saw going past, crowned with the same scrumptious, half-melted cheese. I don’t know whether or not she was the Guadalupe who is the force behind this fine place, but the pride she evidenced in the restaurant’s good food was adorably proprietary.

What to Eat
Lupie’s, 4 Vegetable Plate
4 Vegetable Plate
4 vegetables + cornbread
Lupie’s, Vegetarian Chili
Vegetarian Chili
Vegetarian chili
Lupie’s, Bacon Cheeseburger
Bacon Cheeseburger
Beauteous bacon cheeseburger
Lupie’s, Chili Mac
Chili Mac
Cincinnati-style chili
Lupie’s, Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea
What's meat-and-three without the tea?
Lupie’s, Banana Pudding
Banana Pudding
Big, beautiful banana pudding
Lupie’s, Greens Soup
Greens Soup
Collard greens soup
Lupie’s, Macaroni and Cheese
Macaroni and Cheese
Mac 'n' cheese is really cheesy with a few chewy shreds among the creamy parts.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Monday11am - 9pm
Tuesday11am - 9pm
Wednesday11am - 9pm
Thursday11am - 9pm
Friday11am - 9pm
Saturday12pm - 9pm
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Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
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