Country Cupboard of Barnwell

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Worth a detour

Sandwich shop, salad bar, Mennonite bakery, candy store, and grocery, the Country Cupboard of Barnwell can make you happy in all sorts of ways.

Sandwiches are available on house-baked sliced bread or sub loaves (as well as on a croissant or in a wrap). This is not crusty, old-world bread, but the soft, fleecy kind that is all about tenderness. Step up to the sandwich bar and place an order, then discuss its particulars with the maker as she assembles it. All the usual cold cuts, vegetables, and condiments are available, as are sweet Lebanon bologna and thick, rich pimento cheese. Once the sandwich is assembled, it is presented on a tray, which you carry back to a table. On the way, grab a beverage. It’s help-yourself service.

Many customers come for the salad bar. This is no assemblage of rabbit food. It reflects the Anabaptist proclivity for abundance, including several really good composed salads as well as ingredients to build just about any plate you desire, whether abstemious or lavish. A recent visit featured cornbread salad, in which soft crumbles of Dixie-sweet cornbread share space with crisp lettuce, corn niblets, cheese, beans, and a host of veggies.

An alternative or addition to salad or sandwich is a bowl of stew/soup. One day I stopped in, it was ham stew: a farrago that includes a crowd of ham chunks as well as potatoes, carrots, and onions and a sprinkle of herbs. It’s modestly spiced, very homey. Dip your own from the cauldron.

The Country Cupboard’s forte is baking, which means that desserts are special. Ready-sliced pieces of cake are available to carry back to a table. Among the repertoire are red velvet cake, yellow cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake, one correctly named Perfectly Chocolate Cake, and one I never can resist — Italian cream cake. It is loaded with nuts and extravagantly ribboned with sweet cream cheese frosting. A dessert called strawberry delight is a house specialty. It is a cheerful dish of chopped-up fruit in a sweet gelled emulsion atop a layer of sugared cream cheese on a bed of Graham cracker crumbs.

The Country Cupboard does not look quaint from the outside, and the inside is as spacious and clean as a brand-new supermarket. But my dealings with the upbeat staff made me feel like I was in a charming little country store.

What to Eat
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Sub Sandwich
Sub Sandwich
Lebanon bologna and pimento cheese on a house-baked roll
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Ham Stew
Ham Stew
Forkworthy homespun ham stew
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Strawberry Delight
Strawberry Delight
Strawberry Delight on sweet cream cheese & Graham cracker crumbs
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Italian Cream Cake
Italian Cream Cake
Italian cream cake, ribboned with cream cheese frosting & studded with nuts
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Amish Cinnamon Bread
Amish Cinnamon Bread
Amish Cinnamon Bread is as moist and rich as pound cake.
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, BLT Pasta
BLT Pasta
I tasted bacon, tomatoes & mayo, but lettuce? I think not.
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Cornbread Salad
Cornbread Salad
Crumbled cornbread replaces croutons in a brilliant salad.
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Perfectly Chocolate Cake
Perfectly Chocolate Cake
Billed as "Perfectly Chocolate Cake," it just might be.
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Lebanon Bologna Sandwich
Lebanon Bologna Sandwich
Lebanon bologna & cheese on house-baked white
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Veggie Chips
Veggie Chips
Vegetable chips are less about veggies and more about salty crunch.
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Hunkey Dorey Popcorn
Hunkey Dorey Popcorn
Hunkey Dorey popcorn is crazy-sticky-sweet.
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Chunks of Energy
Chunks of Energy
Tastewise, these chunks are no match for Chunky candy, but they are good for you.
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Turkey Reuben
Turkey Reuben
Turkey Reuben with mustard/horseradish "bistro sauce" instead of 1000 Islands
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Potato Salad
Potato Salad
Creamy-comfort potato salad
Country Cupboard of Barnwell, Okra Chips
Okra Chips
Sold near the register, okra chips are salty with shattering crunch.
Directions and Hours
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Saturday10am - 4pm
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