Crosby’s Chicken

Review by: Michael Stern

Blain Crosby wants to make his home of Bamberg a better place. To that end, he ran for mayor and was elected in 2013, finishing his term in the spring of 2017. I don’t know if he accomplished his stated goal of bringing the city together, but I do know that no matter what Bamberg’s issues may be, Mr. Crosby makes the place pretty darn wonderful every single day by cooking some of the best fried chicken in the South Carolina Midlands.

His restaurant, which adjoins Crosby’s Car Care and used auto sales lot, offers hamburgers, hot dogs, baloney sandwiches, BBQ, and a fine pork chop. But thighs, drumsticks, breasts, and wings are what draw hungry customers from all walks of life and from all over town and beyond.

This is not slap yo’ mama chicken of the thermonuclear spice variety. In fact, it’s temperate. Indeed, that is its charm: a mellifluous harmony of luxurious crisp crust seasoned only enough to halo the moist meat it contains. Dark pieces are especially tender, but even the large white breasts are succulent. Crosby’s chicken is decent and delicious.

If there is a sign is posted announcing that macaroni ‘n’ cheese is available, get some. Like the chicken, it isn’t dazzling, but its cheese is rich, its noodles soft, and it delivers all the yummy reassurance that makes the dish an icon of comfort food.

Nearly all business is take-out. There is one table inside and a second picnic table outdoors in front of the car lot. All meals are presented wrapped and bagged and ready to go.


What To Eat


Macaroni N Cheese


Pork Chop

BBQ Sandwich


Sweet Potato Pie

Pig Skins



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