Beyond Bread

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Worth a detour

Believe Beyond Bread’s name. In addition to a few dozen different sorts of loaves, rolls, ciabattas, focaccias, baguettes, pretzels, and pitas that are baked every day, the kitchen’s repertoire includes sandwiches, pastries to accompany coffee, salads, and three kinds of mac ‘n’ cheese.

When I stopped in for lunch, the special was a brat: a beautiful, taut, spicy sausage piled with sauerkraut and stuffed into a pretzel roll that has a sturdy crust and chewy insides. With German potato salad on the side, this is a grand sandwich.

Turkey is freshly cut for the sandwich known as Avi’s Avo, which also includes avocado, cucumber, sprouts, and mayo. But it’s the ciabatta roll on which it’s made that steals the show. Risen high with big spring to its crumb, it is fresh-baked bread at its finest. I’d love it with nothing but butter.

Omelets, quiche, egg sandwiches, and French toast are available for breakfast, as are a wide array of sweet pastries, including an elegant Kouign-amann, fruit pinwheels, sweet-roll swirls, and “cup o’ coffee cake,” which is an individual serving of cake baked and served in a cup. Add good coffee and espresso, a spacious dining room in which to indulge, and you have a delightful destination for breakfast (or lunch or brunch or snack or supper).

Other locations: 421 W. Ina (520-461-1111), 6260 E. Speedway (520-747-7477), and Tucson International Airport

What to Eat
Beyond  Bread, Avi’s Avo
Avi’s Avo
Avi's Avo = turkey, avocado, cucumber, sprouts & mayo on pillowy ciabatta
Beyond  Bread, Brat
Bursting-plump brat is well-abetted by its freshly baked pretzel roll.
Beyond  Bread, Caramel Nut Swirl
Caramel Nut Swirl
Heavenly caramel nut swirl is crisp-edged with buttery body.
Beyond  Bread, Kouigh-Nann
Crisp, sweet, buttery kouigh-nann is croissant's sweet cousin.
Beyond  Bread, Green Chile Soup
Green Chile Soup
Green chile corn cheddar soup is spicy and bisque-rich
Beyond  Bread, Cherry Pinwheel
Cherry Pinwheel
Cherry pinwheel strikes good sweet/tart balance.
Beyond  Bread, Chocolate Hazelnut Tart
Chocolate Hazelnut Tart
Hazelnut chocolate tart is more dessert than coffee companion.
Beyond  Bread, Espresso
Potent espresso to accompany excellent pastries
Beyond  Bread, Chile
Stout chili, served as sandwich side dish
Beyond  Bread, Cheese Crown
Cheese Crown
Impeccably fresh cheese crown pastry
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday7am - 6pm
Monday6:30am - 8pm
Tuesday6:30am - 8pm
Wednesday6:30am - 8pm
Thursday6:30am - 8pm
Friday6:30am - 8pm
Saturday7am - 8pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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