From croissants to strudels, pretzels to profiteroles, the world of pastry is as broad as that of bread. The difference is that pastry dough is fattier than bread dough, making most pastries lighter and fluffier. Also, pastries are almost always more than unadorned baked dough. They are filled, topped, or rolled around fillings that can range from Nutella to gooseberries. Familiar types of pastry are shortbreads (as the foundation of quiche or other tarts), puff (super flaky), filo (see-through thin), and choux (airy enough to be filled, as in an eclair).

Restaurants With This Dish

slice of sugar-frosted kringle with apricot filling
Bendtsen’s Bakery


Four Aces Diner


La Farine


Boston cream pie donut
Lyndell’s Bakery


The Crumpet Shop - Vermont Crumpet
The Crumpet Shop


Pizzeria Lauretano



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