El Sinaloense

Review by: Michael Stern

Sonora is north of the Mexican state of Sinaloa, after which this little trailer El Sinaloense is named, but the frankfurter you’ll get here is a benchmark Sonoran hot dog. Wrapped in bacon and grilled, the dog sucks in porky flavor to become nearly lascivious, the bacon fully melding with the hot dog it hugs. The line-up of condiments is immutable: chopped tomatoes, grilled onions, yellow mustard, a green ribbon of hot jalapeno sauce, and a luxurious web of mayonnaise. On the side, as with every Sonoran hot dog, you get a roasted guero pepper, which resembles a light-skinned jalapeno.

What’s different about El Sinaloense is the bun. It is the same capacious, fluffy roll that holds all of Tucson’s best dogs (easily, two at a time if you’re really hungry), but instead using it simply fresh, El Sinaloense grills it. A certain degree of fluffiness is sacrificed, but in its stead you get a bun with crusty-rich patches all around the outside (a distant cousin of the grilled split-top typical of New England). The bun, combined with onions that are cooked soft and caramel sweet, makes this the most unctuous possible Sonoran hot dog. The accompanying guero pepper packs bright, fruity vegetable essence that is welcome contrast to the porky-beefy-oily nature of a bacon-wrapped hot dog.

Dining accommodations consist of a few tables under a tent behind the cart where the hot dogs are made.

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