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Review by: Jess Dawson

Even on a soggy Portland day, LB Kitchen feels bright and airy. According to the menu, the “LB” stands for “lunch and breakfast; life and business; Lee and Bryna; LB Kitchen… To us, food is life, love, medicine and community.” And it shows. White subway tile-lined walls, light wooden chairs, yellow accents, and Parisian melodies offer a relaxing, mellow place to have breakfast, lunch, or a simple cup of coffee. And the food is as good as it is good for you.

We start with a Golden Milk, a thick, frothy marigold-colored concoction that arrives in a simple glass cup and taste of ginger, honey, turmeric, and a touch of black pepper. The coffee is self-serve, and you can have as many cups as you want.

Next, the Breakfast Salad: a big bowl of fresh greens, shaved vegetables, and tart, slightly-sweet pickled beets. On top, a citrus-y vinaigrette and coconut oil-fried egg. We order a side of melt-in-your-mouth bacon, and I sprinkle a little of that into the mix. It’s healthy in the most satisfying way.

We keep it simple with Eggs & Toast, featuring two more of those coconut oil-fried eggs, thick-cut sourdough spread with — you guessed it — coconut oil, and a handful of the fresh greens. The bread is perfect to soak up the egg yolk, and everything is fresh and seasonally attentive.

Finally, we get the Golden Milk pancake, made with “Golden Milk Powder” and almond flour. It’s thin, but immediately soaks up the pad of grass-fed butter and maple syrup. The pancake itself isn’t too sweet, making the syrup a welcome cherry on top. It tastes slightly of turmeric, and I can’t get enough of the crispy edges.

The menu spans through to lunch, including vegan substitutes for almost everything, and featuring kid-friendly options. There’s even a sample of the glazed pumpkin bread out on the corner (highly recommended). They also have delicious-looking sandwiches; sweet, sassy, savory, and salty oats; and steaming bowls of noodles and broth. I could easily stay here for more than one meal, especially on a rainy day.

What To Eat

Golden Milk Pancake

Eggs & Toast with Bacon

Breakfast Salad


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