Best 1-Day, 5-Meal Binge in Columbia, South Carolina


Worlds Greatest Cheat Day

One day and a lot of appetite are the requirements for this eat-fest in Columbia, South Carolina. The city’s signature dish is a pimento cheeseburger, nowhere more magnificent than at the Kingsman. Columbia is barbecue nirvana, as evidenced at Big Boy’s Smokehouse. It’s also a great city in which to greet the morning — with superb coffee at Drip, artisan pastries at Rise Bakeshop, and cloud-light omelets and crisp hash browns at Ray’s Diner. Soul-food meat-and-three meals are a Ray’s specialty, too.



Named for the pourover method used to brew coffee, Drip complements the caffeine with a yummy menu of creative, southern-accented takes on coffee house food.


Rise Bakeshop

Columbia's heaven for pastry lovers includes a splendid apple galette and massive sticky buns. Rise also makes artisan baguettes and worldly sandwiches.


Ray’s Diner

Omelets, hash browns, and creamy grits make this neighborhood diner a breakfast destination in Columbia. Ray's lunch is top-notch meat-and-three soul food.


Big Boy’s Smokehouse

One of the best BBQs in South Carolina, Big Boy's is a casual restaurant serving ribs, pulled pork, chicken, turkey wings, even first-rate beef brisket.



The Kingsman is a Columbia restaurant with a full menu, but burgers put it on the Roadfood map, magnificent pimento cheeseburgers in particular.