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Question: What should a person eat in a self-professed “Southern Boulangerie”?

Answer: Anything and everything.

I’ve yet to try an item from this enterprising little eat shop that isn’t excellent. It is possible to order truly cross cultural sandwiches such as pimento cheese on a brioche bun or a baguette spread with boiled peanut hummus, but Rise’s fusion of cuisines is less about specifics and more a matter of style. Here you will find some of the South’s favorite dishes prepared with the brio of a Cordon Bleu chef. Likewise, some traditional French bakery items are given a beguiling Dixie accent.

A country ham biscuit, for example, adds preserved lemon butter and basil to the classic southern pair. In a subtle textural role reversal, the biscuit itself is chewy, the ham light and tender, the lemon butter and basil adding a sunny Mediterranean flair. A roasted apple galette is a sophisticated, multi-sheaf pastry but with all the powerhouse fruit sweetness of Mississippi boarding house cobbler.

In a category that is neither very French nor Southern, Rise Bakeshop offers a wide array of nutritionally virtuous dishes including a wonderful warm buckwheat breakfast bowl that includes candied pecans and golden raisins and is sweetened with sorghum syrup. Sorghum also adds wicked dark potency to a fine sticky bun.

After 10:30, a roster of “Late Riser” sandwiches are available on brioche or baguette. Among these are fried chicken with house-made pickles and spicy mayo; a vegetarian beet burger topped with cheese; a “Garden of Good Eatin'” sandwich of roasted vegetables, local greens, and a schmear of sun-dried tomato spread; and a truly cross-cultural invention called “This Little Piggy.” The Piggy is made with porchetta, kimchi aioli, jicama slaw, soy vinaigrette, and cilantro on a length of chewy, crusty whole-wheat baguette.

Rise is foremost a bakery, where pastries and breadstuffs are made from scratch with expert hands. These include luxurious English muffins, brioche rolls, biscuits, and baguettes. It is possible to come here and have a simple serving of bread topped with a selection from a tremendous variety of house-made blended butters (fines herbs, roasted garlic, bacon, preserved lemon, etc.), schmears (sun-dried tomato, chow-chow, lox, etc.), and specialty spreads (truffle mushroom, pimento cheese, boiled peanut hummus…).

There is no indoor seating at Rise Bakeshop, but a small patio offers chairs and a couple of tables for al fresco dining when weather permits.

What to Eat
Rise Bakeshop, Roasted Apple Galette
Roasted Apple Galette
Rise's roasted apple galette is heavy, intense, and immensely satisfying.
Rise Bakeshop, Baguette
A Rise baguette is crunchy-skinned and sports chewy crumb that is vaguely reminiscent of a rich, malty waffle. Fantastic bread!
Rise Bakeshop, Salted Espresso Brownie
Salted Espresso Brownie
Chocoholic rapture in the form of a salted espresso brownie. This great block of cocoa power, only slightly tempered by the coffee and the salt, sends my senses reeling.
Rise Bakeshop, Sorghum Sticky Bun
Sorghum Sticky Bun
Sorghum syrup has a deep, dark authority that gives a Rise sticky bun gravitas seldom encountered in breakfast pastries. Warmed up, with house-made drip or cold brew coffee, this is a great way to start the day.
Rise Bakeshop, Warm Buckwheat Bowl
Warm Buckwheat Bowl
You don't have to be allergic to gluten to enjoy this hearty breakfast bowl: a warm mix of buckwheat, candied pecans, golden raisins and sorghum syrup.
Rise Bakeshop, Ham Biscuit
Ham Biscuit
A Rise biscuit is not a fluffy cloud. It is a substantial piece of food with delicious buttermilk tang, up to the task of sandwiching sheaves of Cooper's country ham as well as a schmear of preserved lemon butter and a few basil leaves. A brilliant harmony of flavors.
Rise Bakeshop, S’Moreo
The S'Moreo is more than three inches in diameter, While the center resembles squished marshmallows, it is, in fact, a transcendent version of Oreo cookie filling. The bottom of the sandwich is Graham cracker-like, the top is like the best Oreo wafer ever made.
Rise Bakeshop, A.R.G. Sandwich
A.R.G. Sandwich
Forget B.L.T.! The A.R.G. name of this sandwich stands for Applewood Smoked Bacon, Roasted Tomato Jam, and Garden Lettuce. It also includes lime pickle aioli in lieu of mayonnaise. Tomato jam is sweeter than sliced tomatoes. The bread, by the way, is Sally Lunn, like a denser brioche.
Rise Bakeshop, Gamecock Sandwich
Gamecock Sandwich
The Gamecock sandwich is named for the beloved U.S.C. team. It's spicy-crusted buttermilk fried chicken with pickles and zesty mayonnaise
Rise Bakeshop, Krinkle Cookie
Krinkle Cookie
For a chocolate cookie that is fairly lightweight and crisp on top, the Krinkle provides a good amount of chew, especially at its edges.
Rise Bakeshop, Blueberry Cobblette
Blueberry Cobblette
Made with biscuit dough, Rise's cobblette is a buttery trough that holds a vast amount of sweet-tart blueberries.
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Breakfast, Lunch
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Alcohol Served
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