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Like a village surrounded by the city, Columbia’s Five Points has its own distinct vibe; and while yes, there is a Starbuck’s in the neighborhood, the commercial regimentation it usually signals has yet to metastasize. Five Points remains what it has been for decades: a quirky little urban valley of interesting enterprise and a vibrant flow of residents and visitors as well as students from nearby USC. Drip is the village coffee house. While Drip’s signature pourover coffee and lattes are not unusual in city neighborhoods where the edgy set comes to interface, its menu is unique and commands Roadfood attention.

Hungry for a breakfast sandwich? How about replacing the usual ham with pancetta and the American cheese with pimento cheese laced with chipotle pepper? Add an egg and put it on a sturdy, house-made biscuit that is luscious enough to make fingers glisten and you have one excellent way to start the day. In that same vein of taking a classic formula and stretching it to become something unusual, a ham and cheese sandwich (suitable for lunch or breakfast) is made with smoked cheddar and pancetta, dressed with roasted garlic aioli, and packed between two thick slices of butter-grilled cinnamon-raisin toast. A delightful swirl of sweet and savory!

More compelling items from the breakfast menu: vanilla bean peach butter French toast, brie and apple butter on cinnamon raisin bread, and Nutella brioche French toast with bananas and marshmallow fluff.

For those who want to kick back rather than perk up, Drip has a list of interesting Carolina beers and Italian wines.

What To Eat

Pancetta Cheddar Sandwich

Chipotle Pimento Cheese Breakfast Biscuit

Pear-Orange Scone



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