5 Casual Places for Affordable Eats in Washington, DC


Casual Eats In DC

Forget the fine dining and not-so-fine dining that proliferates in the nation’s capital. These Roadfood restaurants will provide a true and delicious taste of DC. For breakfast, start with a soul-food feast at the Florida Avenue Grill or a simple and perfect breakfast sandwich at Universal Doughnuts. Lunch can be a grand fish plate at Horace & Dickie’s or the District of Columbia’s unique half-smoke sausage at Ben’s Chili Bowl or over in Arlington at Weenie Beenie.


Florida Avenue Grill

A soul-food diner in Washington, DC, the Florida Avenue Grill serves square meals to government glitterati as well as taxi drivers and ordinary folks.


Universal Doughnuts

Forget doughnuts. It is Universal Doughnuts' breakfast sandwiches that put the little urban snack shop on the DC eats map.


Horace & Dickie’s

Expertly fried seafood stars on a menu that includes southern-style vegetables, banana pudding & sweet potato pie. Horace & Dickie's is a DC best!


Ben’s Chili Bowl

Home of the unique DC street food, the half-smoke, Ben's is a beloved institution in Washington, its smoky links and hot dogs big and delicious.


Weenie Beenie

Half-Smoke sausages, the one dish unique to DC, are best at Weenie Beenie. They're yummy at lunch, also with egg and cheese for breakfast.