South Carolina Barbecue

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South Carolina is a magnificent barbecue state with diverse regional styles. Heading north by northwest from the coast, you’ll eat red-sauced, mustard-sauced, and minimally-sauced pork, with hash on rice being a common denominator among nearly all of the state’s great whole-hog parlors. Restaurants in the southeast tend to have normal 6-day-a-week hours, but many of the great inland places are open only on weekends.



A definitive South Carolina BBQ, Sweatman's is a weekend-only restaurant serving whole hog, buffet style. It's a southern classic!


Carolina BBQ

A family-run restaurant since 1969, Carolina BBQ is a traditional all-you-can-eat pig pickin: smoky pulled pork plus a constellation of side dishes around it.



Dukes is an Aiken, South Carolina all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet, featuring pulled pork plus terrific fried chicken and a couple dozen exemplary side dishes.


BBQ Barn

Ribs are literally fall-off-the-bone tender in the clean-cut BBQ Barn, which also serves fine chopped pork & chicken. Remember dessert: cake is a big deal here.

Must Eats

Freeman’s Bar-B-Q

A third-generation BBQ serving superb South Carolina-style 'cue, Freeman's has ribs, chopped or sliced pork, and chicken -- all with wickedly flavorful sauce.


Shealy’s Bar-B-Que

Shealy’s is the dominant BBQ in central South Carolina, a buffet-style feast that includes pork, pulley bones & countless southern sides.


Hite’s Bar-B-Que

Whole hog and nothing but the hog! Hite's is a legend for weekend-only traditional and utterly delicious South Carolina BBQ. Everything is take-out.


True BBQ

One of the best South Carolina Midlands BBQs, True offers smoky pork gilded with Pretty Lady or Sexy Lady sauce, served by a friendly, mission-conscious staff.