True BBQ

One of the best

True BBQ makes customers happy in at least two ways. First, it serves superb meat in the South Carolina manner — smoky-sweet pork with hash on rice and lots of other soulful side dishes. Second, it surrounds its clientele with the good vibes of an enthusiastic crew on a mission to do good. In the Zanders family’s mind, the restaurant they run is a religious calling — a white board on the wall gives thanks to Jesus Christ — but if the man from Galilee is not your personal lord and savior, it’s hard not to be infused with the high spirits of the staff.

Even an adamant heathen, so long as he has a taste for good barbecue, is going to to be singing hosannas to the intensely-flavored chopped pork that is the menu’s highlight. Hacked into a virtual hash of mostly soft, some chewy, and a few crisp pieces, this dish delivers a perfect balance of swine and smoke. It is moist and succulent, but all the better when daubed with some of the house-made Pretty Lady sauce — a slightly sweet, slightly tangy variation of the locally-loved mustard sauce. (The alternative Sexy Lady sauce is red, spicier, and with vinegar punch.)

The pork is fine when bunned for a sandwich, even better on a plate surrounded by such sides as mac ‘n’ cheese, collard greens, potato salad, baked beans, corn or cole slaw. All dinners come with True’s superb hash on rice, which is a bed of fluffy white grains topped with meaty sauce that is smoky, slightly sweet, judiciously spiced, and downright salubrious.

Note: If you come late in the day, it is possible True BBQ will have run out of ribs or chicken or even chopped pork. That’s a natural risk when barbecue is cooked the long, slow way. It’s a risk I did not want to take, so I arrived at opening hour, 10:30am. The downside of that strategy was that dessert was not yet ready. So, there’s a wonderful excuse for returning. As if I need one!

What to Eat
True BBQ, Hash on Rice
Hash on Rice
Hash is very meaty, slightly sweet, and significantly smoky.
True BBQ, Chopped Pork
Chopped Pork
Chopped BBQ dressed with tangy-sweet Pretty Lady mustard sauce
True BBQ, Spare Ribs
Spare Ribs
Spare ribs with Sexy Lady sauce
True BBQ, Pretty Lady Sauce
Pretty Lady Sauce
Pretty Lady sauce is mustard-based with a sweet twist.
True BBQ, Chili Dog
Chili Dog
Beefy, sweet, modestly spicy chili smothers a hot dog.
True BBQ, Brisket
Brisket so tender that even a plastic fork is overkill.
True BBQ, Macaroni & Cheese
Macaroni & Cheese
Mac & cheese is a gentle chew.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Wednesday10:30am - 9pm
Thursday10:30am - 9pm
Friday10:30am - 9pm
Saturday10:30am - 9pm
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7 stops | 227 MILES | 4 hr 13 min

Hash (on rice) is the star side-dish at barbecue parlors throughout South Carolina. A byproduct of whole-hog cookery, but frequently also made with beef, it can vary from soup-loose to stew-chunky. It delivers intense barbecue flavor, but beyond that dreamy duet of meat and smoke, it can vary from relish-sweet to savagely peppery. True Barbecue

10 stops | 286 MILES | 5 hr 42 min

South Carolina is a magnificent barbecue state with diverse regional styles. Heading north by northwest from the coast, you'll eat red-sauced, mustard-sauced, and minimally-sauced pork, with hash on rice being a common denominator among nearly all of the state's great whole-hog parlors. Restaurants in the southeast tend to have normal 6-day-a-week hours, but many of…

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Lunch, Dinner
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